Purity in Political Thinking

Balázs, Zoltán (2014) Purity in Political Thinking. Telos, 169. pp. 45-63.


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Purity is a value that appears usually at the periphery of political theory. There is, however, a growing interest in it within experimental sciences. But they usually discuss it in terms of disgust and their conclusions tend to associate purity with conservatism. A more thorough analysis of purity is needed at which I make an attempt here. It will be shown that purity is a very rich value, with deep roots in our religious, moral, and intellectual traditions. After taking stock with the richness of this value within the political context it will be concluded that contemporary radicalism (either leftist or rightist), environmentalism, political and moral liberalism and conservatism are all very sensitive to the value of purity, if only to its different aspects, hence political theory has every reason to reconsider not only its significance but also the consequences of there being a common, axiological ground of otherwise highly opposing political views.

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