Serum lipids and cardiac function correlate with nitrotyrosine and MMP activity in coronary artery disease patients.

Bencsik, Péter and Sasi, Viktor and Kiss, Krisztina and Kupai, Krisztina and Kolossváry, Márton and Maurovich-Horvat, Pál and Csont, Tamás and Ungi, Imre and Merkely, Béla and Ferdinandy, Péter (2015) Serum lipids and cardiac function correlate with nitrotyrosine and MMP activity in coronary artery disease patients. European journal of clinical investigation, 45 (7). pp. 692-701. ISSN 1365-2362


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AIMS Peroxynitrite-matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) signalling has been shown to contribute to myocardial ischaemia/reperfusion injury and heart failure and to be influenced by hyperlipidaemia in preclinical models. Therefore, here we investigated the correlation between the markers of peroxynitrite-MMP signalling and hyperlipidaemia in patients with significant coronary stenosis. METHODS Five minutes before percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), arterial blood samples were collected from 36 consecutive patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) selected for elective PCI. RESULTS Serum nitrotyrosine positively correlated with MMP-9 activity (r = 0·54, P = 0·01), but not with MMP-2 activity. Nitrotyrosine positively correlated with total (r = 0·58; P < 0·01) and LDL cholesterol (r = 0·55; P < 0·01), serum triglyceride (r = 0·47; P < 0·05), and creatinine (r = 0·42; P < 0·05) and negatively correlated with HDL cholesterol (r = -0·46; P < 0·05) and with left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF; r = -0·55; P < 0·05), respectively. MMP-2 activity correlated positively with total (r = 0·55; P < 0·05) and LDL cholesterol (r = 0·45; P < 0·05). In statin-treated patients, a significantly reduced serum nitrotyrosine was found as compared to statin naives; however, MMP activities and serum cholesterol levels were not different. MMP-9 activity correlated with urea nitrogen (r = 0·42; P < 0·05) and LVEF (r = -0·73; P < 0·01). Serum creatinine correlated negatively with LVEF (r = -0·50, P < 0·01). CONCLUSIONS This is the first demonstration that (i) serum nitrotyrosine correlates with MMP-9 activity, (ii) lipid parameters correlate with nitrotyrosine and MMP-2 activity, (iii) myocardial function correlates with creatinine, nitrotyrosine and MMP-9 activity, and (iv) creatinine correlates with nitrotyrosine and urea nitrogen with MMP-9 activity in patients with CAD. Studying the biomarkers of peroxynitrite-MMP pathway in large prospective trials may reveal their diagnostic avails.

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