‘A Potaissa Napocae MP X’. Trajan’s imperial road and the mansio from Aiton (Cluj County)

Fodorean, Florin-Gheorghe (2015) ‘A Potaissa Napocae MP X’. Trajan’s imperial road and the mansio from Aiton (Cluj County). Acta Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 66 (1). pp. 217-232. ISSN 0001-5210


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Nowadays Aiton is a small village located in the center part of the Cluj County, between Turda and Cluj-Napoca. At Aiton, during the Roman times, an important rural settlement was established, in close relation with the main road of Roman Dacia. Archaeological investigations in the area of this village were carried out mostly in the last century, but most are accidental discoveries. During the Roman period, Aiton was probably an important rural settlement within the territory of Potaissa, and we suppose that a taberna was set up here. Why? First, because of the distance from Potaissa: 10 Roman miles. Second, because of the discoveries within the territory of the village. My purpose is to analyze, interpret and map all data available. Based on what we know so far, I was able to distinguish two areas with Roman discoveries. One is located in the northern part of the village, close to the Roman road. I reached the conclusion that in this part of the village we should locate the former taberna. The other area in located in the eastern part of the village. I concluded that we should locate the rural settlement here. All in all, these data allowed me to conclude that Aiton represented, during Roman times, an important settlement between Potaissa and Napoca.

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