Considérations sur le problème boïen

Szabó, Miklós (2015) Considérations sur le problème boïen. Acta Archaeologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 66 (2). pp. 267-280. ISSN 0001-5210


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The problems of Boius history have their roots in the identification of antique Boiohaemum with medieval Bohemia, an interpretation that has its origins in the tenth century. Any attempt to localize their territory, consideration must be taken of the fact that according to Tacitus, Strabon and other antique writers, this region incorporated the settlement area of King Marobodus and his Marcomanni, the so-called Bouiaimon. Other data suggest that the “land of the Boii” was a forest between the upper course of the Rhine River and present-day eastern Slovakia, along the Danube. The Marcomanni expelled the Boii from this area at the end of the first century BC. On this basis it may be hypothesized that the settlement area of this Celtic tribe was located somewhere in present-day south-western Slovakia. The settlement of the Boii in present-day Czech Republic, however, is a historical topos. Clarifying the correct location of this tribe may contribute to a better understanding of the development and history of the Boii in Pannonia.”

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