The effects of adrenalectomy on the harderian gland of the Wistar albino rats

Canpolat Koyutürk, Leyla (2003) The effects of adrenalectomy on the harderian gland of the Wistar albino rats. Acta Physiologica Hungarica, 90 (3). pp. 233-241. ISSN 0231-424X

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Harderian glands of the Wistar albino rats normal and adrenalectomized were investigated by light microscopy. In normal, these glands have a tubuloalveolar structure. The gland is located in the medio posterior aspect of the orbit. It is lobulated and appears homogeneous in colour and texture. Harderian gland consist of tubules with wide lumina lined by a single layer of columnar epithelial cells surrounded by myoepithelial cells within their basal lamina. It contains porphyrin pigment which is stored as solid intraluminal deposits. The glandular epithelium possesses two cell types, termed A and B. Type A cells are more numerous. The single excretory duct of the gland is directly continuous with endpieces at the hilus and opens nasally and ventrally to the third eyelid. The excretory duct is accompanied by many acini of small serous glands around it. The tubuloalveoli of the gland is not divided into lobules. There is no branched duct system within the gland. The secretion seems to be associated with porphyrins, is essentially released by exocytosis, but holocrine secretion also occurs. The single excretory duct is lined by a stratified epithelium. The gland is surrounded by a collagenous capsule. The adrenalectomy, caused degenerative changes in the glands. Epithelial height was lower than in normal gland epithelium. Most of the acini were completely disorganised. The acinar lumina were filled with porphyrin debris. The results suggest that rat harderian glands are sensitive to adrenal androgen changes in both male and female rats

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