Using the Results of Accomplished Innovations in the Field of Energy Production in Environmental Education

Csáki, Szabolcs (2018) Using the Results of Accomplished Innovations in the Field of Energy Production in Environmental Education. Journal of Applied Technical and Educational Sciences, 8 (3). pp. 83-97. ISSN 2560-5429

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The way humanity treats our planet is deeply concerning. There are already clear signs indicating that the current levels of energy production and consumption are unsustainable in the long term. Changes in a great number of areas are necessary in order to reach a stage in which the restoration of our natural environment is possible. Hopefully, this has already been recognized. The National Core Curriculum (2012) defines environmental awareness as an educational goal and an important area for development. Influenced by these effects and recognitions, the intention was to find a topic and apply a method that is appropriate to aid important future goals. The topic is environmentally friendly energy production that is acquired via site visits and the implementation of the project method. The results of our project are figures, calculations and duration charts. When it comes to the project tasks, initially, what have an educational effect is not the end result, but the work process and the tasks, themselves, if used well in the followings however, the end results will also have a positive effect. Hopefully this article will inspire and help other pedagogues implement similarly novel tasks and methods in environmental education.

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Additional Information: Magyar nyelvű cím: Az energiatermelés területén megvalósult innovációk eredményeinek felhasználása a környezeti nevelésben
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