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De Leoz, Maria Lorna A. and Duewer, David L. and Fung, Adam and Liu, Lily and Yau, Hoi Kei and Potter, Oscar and Staples, Gregory O. and Furuki, Kenichiro and Frenkel, Ruth and Hu, Yunli and Sosic, Zoran and Zhang, Peiqing and Altmann, Friedrich and Grunwald-Grube, Clemens and Shao, Chun and Zaia, Joseph and Evers, Waltraud and Pengelley, Stuart and Suckau, Detlev and Wiechmann, Anja and Resemann, Anja and Jabs, Wolfgang and Beck, Alain and Froehlich, John W. and Huang, Chuncui and Li, Yan and Liu, Yaming and Sun, Shiwei and Wang, Yaojun and Seo, Youngsuk and An, Hyun Joo and Reichardt, Niels-Christian and Ruiz, Juan Echevarria and Archer-Hartmann, Stephanie and Azadi, Parastoo and Bell, Len and Lakos, Zsuzsanna and An, Yanming and Cipollo, John F. and Pucic-Bakovic, Maja and Štambuk, Jerko and Lauc, Gordan and Li, Xu and Wang, Peng George and Bock, Andreas and Hennig, René and Rapp, Erdmann and Creskey, Marybeth and Cyr, Terry D. and Nakano, Miyako and Sugiyama, Taiki and Leung, Pui-King Amy and Link-Lenczowski, Paweł and Jaworek, Jolanta and Yang, Shuang and Zhang, Hui and Kelly, Tim and Klapoetke, Song and Cao, Rui and Kim, Jin Young and Lee, Hyun Kyoung and Lee, Ju Yeon and Yoo, Jong Shin and Kim, Sa-Rang and Suh, Soo-Kyung and de Haan, Noortje and Falck, David and Lageveen-Kammeijer, Guinevere S.M. and Wuhrer, Manfred and Emery, Robert J. and Kozak, Radoslaw P. and Liew, Li Phing and Royle, Louise and Urbanowicz, Paulina A. and Packer, Nicolle H. and Song, Xiaomin and Everest-Dass, Arun and Lattová, Erika and Cajic, Samanta and Alagesan, Kathirvel and Kolarich, Daniel and Kasali, Toyin and Lindo, Viv and Chen, Yuetian and Goswami, Kudrat and Gau, Brian and Amunugama, Ravi and Jones, Richard and Stroop, Corné J.M. and Kato, Koichi and Yagi, Hirokazu and Kondo, Sachiko and Yuen, C.T. and Harazono, Akira and Shi, Xiaofeng and Magnelli, Paula E. and Kasper, Brian T. and Mahal, Lara and Harvey, David J. and O'Flaherty, Roisin and Rudd, Pauline M. and Saldova, Radka and Hecht, Elizabeth S. and Muddiman, David C. and Kang, Jichao and Bhoskar, Prachi and Menard, Daniele and Saati, Andrew and Merle, Christine and Mast, Steven and Tep, Sam and Truong, Jennie and Nishikaze, Takashi and Sekiya, Sadanori and Shafer, Aaron and Funaoka, Sohei and Toyoda, Masaaki and de Vreugd, Peter and Caron, Cassie and Pradhan, Pralima and Tan, Niclas Chiang and Mechref, Yehia and Patil, Sachin and Rohrer, Jeffrey S. and Chakrabarti, Ranjan and Dadke, Disha and Lahori, Mohammedazam and Zou, Chunxia and Cairo, Christopher and Reiz, Béla and Whittal, Randy M. and Lebrilla, Carlito B. and Wu, Lauren and Guttman, Andras and Szigeti, Marton and Kremkow, Benjamin G. and Lee, Kelvin H. and Sihlbom, Carina and Adamczyk, Barbara and Jin, Chunsheng and Karlsson, Niclas G. and Örnros, Jessica and Larson, Göran and Nilsson, Jonas and Meyer, Bernd and Wiegandt, Alena and Komatsu, Emy and Perreault, Helene and Bodnar, Edward D. and Said, Nassur and Francois, Yannis-Nicolas and Leize-Wagner, Emmanuelle and Maier, Sandra and Zeck, Anne and Heck, Albert J.R. and Yang, Yang and Haselberg, Rob and Yu, Ying Qing and Alley, William and Leone, Joseph W. and Yuan, Hua and Stein, Stephen E. (2020) NIST Interlaboratory Study on Glycosylation Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies: Comparison of Results from Diverse Analytical Methods. MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR PROTEOMICS, 19 (1). pp. 11-30. ISSN 1535-9476

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