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Goroshko, Dmitry and Chusovitin, Evgeniy and Bezbabniy, Dmitry and Dózsa, László and Pécz, Béla and Galkin, Nikolay (2015) Formation and Thermoelectric Properties of Si/CrSi2/Si(001) Heterostructures with Stressed Chromium Disilicide Nanocrystallites. ELECTRONIC MATERIALS LETTERS, 11 (3). pp. 424-428. ISSN 1738-8090

Molnár, György and Dózsa, László and Erdélyi, Róbert and Vértesy, Zofia and Osváth, Zoltán (2015) Morphological and electrical properties of self-assembled iron silicidenanoparticles on Si(001) and Si(111) substrates. APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, 357. pp. 573-582. ISSN 0169-4332

Galkin, Nikolay G. and Galkin, Konstantin N. and Goroshko, Dmitrii L. and Chernev, Igor M. and Shevlyagin, Alexander V. and Dózsa, László and Osváth, Zoltán and Pécz, Béla (2015) Non-doped and doped Mg stannide films on Si(111) substrates : Formation, optical, and electrical properties. JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 54. 07JC06/1-07JC06/9. ISSN 0021-4922

Galkin, Nikolay Gennadievich and Bezbabnyi, Dmitri Aleksandrovich and Dotsenko, Sergei Andreevich and Chernev, Igor Mikhailovich and Nemes Incze, Péter and Dózsa, László and Pécz, Béla (2014) Structure and optical properties of Ca silicide films and Si/Ca3Si4/Si(111) heterostructures. SOLID STATE PHENOMENA, 213. pp. 71-79. ISSN 1012-0394

Dózsa, László and Molnár, György and Zolnai, Zsolt and Dobos, László and Pécz, Béla and Galkin, N.G. and Dotsenko, S.A. and Bezbabny, D.A. and Fomin, D.V. (2013) Formation and characterization of semiconductor Ca2Si layers prepared on p-type silicon covered by an amorphous silicon cap. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 48. pp. 2872-2882. ISSN 0022-2461

Galkin, Konstantin N. and Galkin, Nikolay G. and Dózsa, László and Dobos, László and Pécz, Béla (2013) Growth, structure, optical and electrical properties of Si/2D Mg2Si/Si(111) double heterostructures and Schottky diodes on their base. PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI C-CURRENT TOPICS IN SOLID STATE PHYSICS, 10 (12). pp. 1720-1723. ISSN 1862-6351

Molnár, György and Dózsa, László and Vértesy, Zofia and Horváth, Zsolt József (2013) New optoelectronic materials: Effects of annealing upon the formation of epitaxial iron silicide nanostructures on Si(001). PHYSICA E - LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS AND NANOSTRUCTURES, 51. pp. 79-86. ISSN 1386-9477

Dmitruk, N. and Dózsa, László and Mamykin, S. and Kondratenko, O. and Molnár, György (2009) Effect of annealing on optical properties of thin films with beta-FeSi2 quantum dots. VACUUM, 84 (1). pp. 238-242. ISSN 0042-207X

Vouroutzis, N. and Zorba, T. T. and Dimitriadis, C. A. and Paraskevopoulos, K. M. and Dózsa, László and Molnár, György (2005) Thickness dependent structure of beta-FeSi2 grown on silicon by solid phase epitaxy. JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 393 (1-2). pp. 167-170. ISSN 0925-8388

Liberis, J. and Matulionis, A. and Salakas, P. and Saltis, R and Dózsa, László and Szentpáli, Béla and Vo Van, Tuyen (1998) Microwave Noise in GaAs Planar-Doped Barrier Diode. LITHUANIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, 38 (2). pp. 203-206. ISSN 1648-8504

Dimitriadis, C. A. and Coxon, P. A. and Dózsa, László (1992) Performance of thin-film transistors on polysilicon films grown by low-pressure chemical vapor deposition at various pressures. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, 39 (3). pp. 598-606. ISSN 0018-9383

Dózsa, László (1992) A new method to measure fast defect transients in semiconductor and/or insulator samples. SOLID-STATE ELECTRONICS, 35 (2). pp. 228-230. ISSN 0038-1101

Dimitriadis, C. A. and Papadimitriou, L. and Dózsa, László and Coxon, P. A. (1988) Electrical properties of polysilicon n(+)-i-p junctions. SEMICONDUCTOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 3 (6). pp. 558-563. ISSN 0268-1242

Dózsa, László (1986) On the reliability of minority carrier injection DLTS spectra. PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI A-APPLIED RESEARCH, 94 (2). pp. 735-743. ISSN 0031-8965

Dózsa, László and Ferenczi, G. (1981) Deep level studies on traps showing non-exponential kinetics in GaAsP and GaP. ACTA PHYSICA ACADEMIAE SCIENTIARUM HUNGARICAE, 51 (4). pp. 449-457. ISSN 0001-6705

Ferenczi, G. and Dózsa, László (1981) Extended defects in III-V semiconductor compounds. CRYSTAL RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, 16 (2). pp. 203-208. ISSN 0232-1300

Book Section

Molnár, György and Dózsa, László and Erdélyi, Róbert (2016) Local electrical characteristics of iron silicide nanostructures on Si substrates. In: Proceedings of Third Asian School-Conference on Physics and Technology of Nanostructured Materials. Trans Tech Publications, Vladivostok, pp. 95-98. ISBN 978-3-03835-682-0;978-5-8044-1556-4

Dózsa, László and Galkin, N. G. and Pécz, Béla and Osváth, Zoltán and Zolnai, Zsolt (2016) Structural, microscopic, and optical properties of Mg2Si-Mg2Sn alloy heterostructures on silicon. In: Proceedings of Third Asian School-Conference on Physics and Technology of Nanostructured Materials. Trans Tech Publications, Vladivostok, pp. 63-66. ISBN 978-3-03835-682-0;978-5-8044-1556-4

Galkin, N. G. and Goroshko, D. L. and Galkin, K. N. and Shevlyagin, A. and Chernev, I. M. and Dózsa, László and Osváth, Zoltán and Pécz, Béla (2015) Semiconducting Mg2Sn and Mg2Ge nanolayers on Si(111) substrates : formation, structure and properties. In: Physics, Chemistry and Applications of Nanostructures. World Scientific, Minsk, pp. 128-131. ISBN 978-981-4696-51-7

Molnár, György and Dózsa, László and Vértesy, Zofia and Horváth, Zsolt József (2013) Iron silicide nanostructures prepared by e-gun evaporation and annealing on Si(001). In: Symposium a – Proceedings of the Multiscale Materials Modeling 2012 Conference. 2012 IMRC Meeting. Symposium S6B. Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures, 1534 . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, p007-1-p007-6.


Gáspár, Vilmos and Dózsa, László and Hantz, Péter and Noszticzius, Zoltán and Rábai, Gyula and Volford, András (2007) Komplex kémiai rendszerek dinamikája = Dynamics of complex chemical system. Project Report. OTKA.

Dózsa, László and Vo, Van Tuyen and Tóth, Attila Lajos and Somogyi, Károly and Lohner, Tivadar and Szentpáli, Béla (2007) SiC és más nagy tiltott sávú félvezető anyagok kutatása = Research of SiC and other wide band gap semiconductor materials. Project Report. OTKA.

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