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Pászty, K. and Caride, A.J. and Bajzer, Ž. and Offord, C.P. and Padányi, Rita and Enyedi, Ágnes (2015) Plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPases can shape the pattern of Ca2+ transients induced by store-operated Ca2+ entry. SCIENCE SIGNALING, 8 (364). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1945-0877

Ribiczey, Polett and Papp, Béla and Homolya, László and Enyedi, Ágnes and Kovács, Tünde (2015) Selective upregulation of the expression of plasma membrane calcium ATPase isoforms upon differentiation and 1,25(OH)D-vitamin treatment of colon cancer cells. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. ISSN 0006-291X (In Press)

Szebényi, Kornélia and Füredi, András and Kolacsek, Orsolya and Csohány, Rózsa and Prókai, Ágnes and Kis-Petik, Katalin and Szabó, Attila and Bősze, Zsuzsanna and Bender, Balázs and Tóvári, József and Enyedi, Ágnes and Orbán, Tamás I. and Apáti, Ágota and Sarkadi, Balázs (2015) Visualization of Calcium Dynamics in Kidney Proximal Tubules. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY, 26 (xx). xx-xx. ISSN 1046-6673

Penniston, John T. and Padányi, Rita and Pászty, Katalin and Varga, Karolina and Hegedűs, Luca and Enyedi, Ágnes (2014) Apart from its known function, the plasma membrane Ca2+ATPase can regulate Ca2+ signaling by controlling phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate levels. JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE, 127 (1). pp. 72-84. ISSN 0021-9533

Varga, Karolina and Pászty, Katalin and Padányi, Rita and Hegedűs, Luca and Brouland, Jean-Philippe and Papp, Béla and Enyedi, Ágnes (2014) Histone deacetylase inhibitor- and PMA-induced upregulation of PMCA4b enhances Ca2+ clearance from MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Cell Calcium. ISSN 0143-4160 (In Press)

Maus, Máté and Medgyesi, Dávid and Kiss, Endre and Schneider, E. Andrea and Enyedi, Ágnes and Szilágyi, Nóra and Matkó, János and Sármay, Gabriella (2013) B cell receptor-induced Ca2+ mobilization mediates F-actin rearrangements and is indispensable for adhesion and spreading of B lymphocytes. JOURNAL OF LEUKOCYTE BIOLOGY, 93 (4). pp. 537-547. ISSN 0741-5400

Antalffy, Géza and Pászty, Katalin and Varga, Karolina and Hegedűs, Luca and Enyedi, Ágnes and Padányi, Rita (2013) A C-terminal di-leucine motif controls plasma membrane expression of PMCA4b. BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA. MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH, 1833 (12). pp. 2561-2572. ISSN 0167-4889

Apáti, Ágota and Pászty, Katalin and Hegedűs, Luca and Kolacsek, Orsolya and Orbán, Tamás I. and Erdei, Zsuzsa and Szebényi, Kornélia and Péntek, Adrienn and Enyedi, Ágnes and Sarkadi, Balázs (2013) Characterization of calcium signals in human embryonic stem cells and in their differentiated offspring by a stably integrated calcium indicator protein. Cell Signalling, 25 (4). pp. 752-759. ISSN 0898-6568

Arbabian, Atousa and Brouland, Jean-Philippe and Apáti, Ágota and Pászty, Katalin and Hegedűs, Luca and Enyedi, Ágnes and Chomienne, Christine and Papp, Béla (2012) Modulation of endoplasmic reticulum calcium pump expression during lung cancer cell differentiation. FEBS Journal, 280 (21). pp. 5408-5418. ISSN 1742-464X

Padányi, Rita and Xiong, Yuning and Antalffy, Géza and Lór, Krisztina and Pászty, Katalin and Enyedi, Ágnes (2010) Apical scaffolding protein NHERF2 modulates the localization of alternatively spliced plasma membrane Ca2+ pump 2B variants in polarized epithelial cells. JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 285 (41). pp. 31704-31712. ISSN 0021-9258


Enyedi, Ágnes and Antalffy, Géza and Homolya, László and Kovács, Tünde and Padányi, Rita and Pászty, Katalin (2010) A plazmamembrán Ca2+ ATPáz 4b izoforma apoptotikus fragmentjét reprezentáló mutáns sejten belüli lokalizációja, stabilitása, hatásai a sejtek Ca2+ háztartására és szerepe az apoptózis folyamatban = Intracellular localization and stability of a mutant representing the apoptotic fragment of the plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPase 4b and its role in cellular Ca2+ homeostasis and apoptosis. Project Report. OTKA.

Kovács, Tünde and Andrikovics, Hajnalka and Enyedi, Ágnes and Pászty, Katalin and Tordai, Attila (2009) A szarko/endoplazmatikus retikulum Ca2+ ATPáz 3 szerkezet-elemzése és a nem-izom típusú sejtek Ca2+ -transzport fehérje készletének változásai sejtdifferenciáció során = Structural study of the sarco/endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ ATPase 3 proteins and the modulation of the machinery of Ca2+-transport proteins during the differentiation of non-muscle cells. Project Report. OTKA.

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