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Mohácsik, Petra and Erdélyi, Ferenc and Baranyi, Mária and Botz, Bálint and Szabó, Gábor and Tóth, Mónika and Haltrich, Irén and Helyes, Zsuzsanna and Sperlágh, Beáta and Tóth, Zsuzsa and Sinkó, Richárd and Lechan, Ronald M. and Bianco, Antonio C. and Fekete, Csaba and Gereben, Balázs (2018) A transgenic mouse model for detection of tissue-specific thyroid hormone action. ENDOCRINOLOGY, 159 (2). pp. 1159-1171. ISSN 0013-7227

Király, Kornél and Kozsurek, Márk and Lukácsi, Erika and Barta, Benjamin and Alpár, Alán and Balázsa, Tamás and Fekete, Csaba and Szabon, Judit and Helyes, Zsuzsanna and Bölcskei, Kata and Tekus, Valeria and Tóth, Zsuzsanna and Pap, Károly and Gerber, Gábor and Puskár, Zita (2017) Pathology and glia type specific changes of the DPP4 activity in the spinal cord contributes to the development and maintenance of hyperalgesia and shapes opioid signalling in chronic pain states. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. ISSN 2045-2322 (Submitted)

Fekete, Csaba (2017) Batizi és kátéja. MAGYAR KÖNYVSZEMLE, 133 (3). pp. 261-282. ISSN 0025-0171

Fekete, Csaba (2017) Komáromi Jánosok. MAGYAR KÖNYVSZEMLE, 133 (1). pp. 81-88. ISSN 0025-0171

Molnár, Csilla and Sárvári, Miklós and Vastagh, Csaba and Maurnyi, Csilla and Fekete, Csaba and Liposits, Zsolt and Hrabovszky, Erik (2016) Altered gene expression profile of the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus of male mice suggests profound developmental changes in peptidergic signaling. NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY. ISSN 0028-3835 (In Press)

Farkas, Imre and Vastagh, Csaba and Farkas, Erzsébet and Bálint, Flóra and Skrapits, Katalin and Hrabovszky, Erik and Fekete, Csaba and Liposits, Zsolt (2016) Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Excites Firing and Increases GABAergic Miniature Postsynaptic Currents (mPSCs) in Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Neurons of the Male Mice via Activation of Nitric Oxide (NO) and Suppression of Endocannabinoid Signaling Pathways. Frontiers in cellular neuroscience, 10. p. 1. ISSN 1662-5102, ESSN: 1662-5102

Kováts, Nóra and Horváth, Eszter and Jancsek- Turóczi, Beatrix and Hoffer, András and Gelencsér, András and Urbán, Péter and Kiss, Írisz and Bihari, Zoltán and Fekete, Csaba (2016) MICROBIOLOGICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF STABLE RESUSPENDED DUST. International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health, 29 (3). pp. 375-380. ISSN 1232-1087

Valasek, Andrea and Kiss, Írisz Éva and Fodor, István and Kovács, Márk and Urbán, Péter and Jámbor, Éva and Fekete, Csaba and Kerepesi, Ildikó (2016) Proteomic insight into the primycin fermentation process of Saccharomonospora azurea. Acta Biologica Hungarica, 67 (4). pp. 424-430. ISSN 0236-5383

Fekete, Csaba (2016) A Szákiak. MAGYAR KÖNYVSZEMLE, 132 (1). pp. 47-59. ISSN 0025-0171

Fekete, Csaba and Mokrai, Réka and Bombicz, Petra and Nyulászi, László and Kovács, Ilona (2015) η1-silolyl-FeCp(CO)2 complexes. Is there a way to sila-ferrocene? JOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY, 799-80. pp. 291-298. ISSN 0022-328X

Wittmann, G. and Szabon, J. and Mohácsik, Petra and Nouriel, S. S. and Gereben, Balázs and Fekete, Csaba (2015) Parallel regulation of thyroid hormone transporters OATP1c1 and MCT8 during and after endotoxemia at the blood-brain barrier of male rodents. ENDOCRINOLOGY, 156 (4). pp. 1552-1564. ISSN 0013-7227

McAninch, E. A. and Jo, S. and Preite, N. Z. and Farkas, Erzsébet and Mohácsik, Petra and Fekete, Csaba and Egri, Péter and Gereben, Balázs (2015) Prevalent Polymorphism in Thyroid Hormone-Activating Enzyme Leaves a Genetic Fingerprint that Underlies Associated Clinical Syndromes. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM, 100 (3). pp. 920-933. ISSN 0021-972X

Fekete, Csaba and Lechan, RM. (2014) Central Regulation of Pituitary-Thyroid Axis Under Physiological and Pathophysiological Conditions. ENDOCRINE REVIEWS, 35 (2). er20131087. ISSN 0163-769X

Tóth, Ákos and Barna, Terézia and Nagy, István and Horváth, Balázs and Nagy, István and Táncsics, András and Kriszt, Balázs and Baka, Erzsébet and Fekete, Csaba and Kukolya, József (2013) Draft Genome Sequence of the Lignocellulose Decomposer Thermobifida fusca Strain TM51. GENOME ANNOUNCEMENTS, 1 (4). e00482-13. ISSN 2169-8287

Hrabovszky, Erik and Wittmann, Gábor and Kalló, Imre and Füzesi, Tamás and Fekete, Csaba and Liposits, Zsolt (2012) Distribution of type 1 cannabinoid receptor expressing neurons in the septal-hypothalamic region of the mouse. Colocalization with GABAergic and glutamatergic markers. JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE NEUROLOGY, 520 (5). pp. 1005-1020. ISSN 0021-9967

Bitskey, István and Csorba, Dávid and Fazakas, Gergely Tamás and Fekete, Csaba and Gábor, Csilla and Győri, L. János and Imre, Mihály and Luffy, Katalin and Oláh, Szabolcs and Száraz, Orsolya and Tasi, Réka Emese and Tóth, Zsombor (2012) Magyarországi identitásmodellek a kora újkori Európa konfesszionális rendszerében = Models of Identities in Hungary and Confessional System of Early Modern Europe. Project Report. OTKA.

A. Molnár, Ferenc and Fekete, Csaba and M. Nagy, Ilona (2012) A szöveghagyományozódás kérdései a magyar nyelvtörténetben = Changing of texts in the history of Hungarian language. Project Report. OTKA.

Gereben, Balázs and Bardóczi, Zsuzsanna and Doleschall, Márton and Fekete, Csaba and Zeöld, Anikó (2010) A központi idegrendszeri pajzsmirigyhormon aktiváció szabályozásának molekuláris biológiája = Molecular biology of the regulation of thyroid hormone activation in the central nervous system. Project Report. OTKA.

Deli, Levente and Wittmann, Gábor and Kalló, Imre and Lechan, Ronald M. and Watanabe, Masahiko and Liposits, Zsolt and Fekete, Csaba (2009) Type 1 cannabinoid receptor-containing axons innervate hypophysiotropic thyrotropin-releasing hormone-synthesizing neurons. Endocrinology, 150 (1). pp. 98-103. ISSN 0013-7227

Nogueiras, Ruben and Veyrat-Durebex, Christelle and Suchanek, Paula M. and Klein, Marcella and Tschöp, Johannes and Caldwell, Charles and Woods, Stephen C. and Wittmann, Gábor and Watanabe, Masahiko and Liposits, Zsolt and Fekete, Csaba and Reizes, Ofer and Rohner-Jeanrenaud, Francoise and Tschöp, Matthias H. (2008) Peripheral, but not central, CB1 antagonism provides food intake-independent metabolic benefits in diet-induced obese rats. Diabetes, 57 (11). pp. 2977-2991. ISSN 1939-327X

Bitskey, István and Fazakas, Gergely Tamás and Fekete, Csaba and Győri, L. János and Imre, Mihály (2008) A reformáció irodalmának kora újkori kommunikációs stratégiái a Kárpát-medencében: Európai modellek és magyar sajátosságok (1550-1700) = Methods of communication in the Carpathian Basin during the Reformation: Early Modern European models and Hungarian characteristic (1550-1700). Project Report. OTKA.

Fekete, Csaba and Liposits, Zsolt and Wittmann, Gábor (2008) Az ""alacsony T3 szindróma"" kialakulásáért felelős központi idegrendszeri szabályozó mechanizmusok tanulmányozása patkányban = Central regulatory mechanisms involved in the development of the 'low T3 syndrome'. Project Report. OTKA.

Liposits, Zsolt and Fekete, Csaba and Hrabák, András and Hrabovszky, Erik and Túri, Gergely and Varju, Patrícia (2008) Az anyagcsere homeostasist szabályozó hypothalamikus neuronrendszerek szerepe a reprodukció központi vezérlésében = The role of hypothalamic integrating centers of energy homeostasis in central regulation of reproduction. Project Report. OTKA.

Kola, Blerina and Farkas, Imre and Christ-Crain, Mirjam and Wittmann, Gábor and Lolli, Francesca and Amin, Faisal and Harvey-White, Judith and Liposits, Zsolt and Kunos, George and Grossman, Ashley B. and Fekete, Csaba and Korbonits, Márta (2008) The orexigenic effect of ghrelin is mediated through central activation of the endogenous cannabinoid system. PLOS ONE, 3 (3). pp. 1-8. ISSN 1932-6203

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