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Major, István and Dani, János and Kiss, Viktória and Melis, Eszter and Patay, Róbert and Szabó, Géza and Hubay, Katalin and Túri, Marianna and Futó, István and Huszánk, Róbert and Jull, Timothy A. J. and Molnár, Mihály (2018) Adoption and evaluation of a sample pretreatment protocol for radiocarbon dating of cremated bones at HEKAL. RADIOCARBON. ISSN 0033-8222 (In Press)

Finsinger, Walter and Fevre, Jordan and Orbán, Ildikó and Pál, Ilona and Vincze, Ildikó and Hubay, Katalin and Braun, Mihály and Tóth, Mónika and Magyari, Enikő K. (2018) Holocene fire-regime changes near the treeline in the Retezat Mts. (Southern Carpathians, Romania). QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL, 477. pp. 94-105. ISSN 1040-6182

Tóth, Mónika and Buczkó, Krisztina and Specziár, András and Heiri, Oliver and Braun, Mihály and Hubay, Katalin and Magyari, Enikő Katalin (2018) Limnological changes in South Carpathian glacier-formed lakes (Retezat Mountains, Romania) during the Late Glacial and the Holocene: A synthesis. QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL, 477. pp. 138-152. ISSN 1040-6182

Vincze, Ildikó and Orbán, Ildikó and Birks, Hilary H. and Pál, Ilona and Finsinger, Walter and Hubay, Katalin and Tóth, Mónika and Magyari, Enikő Katalin (2017) Holocene treeline and timberline changes in the South Carpathians (Romania): Climatic and anthropogenic drivers on the southern slopes of the Retezat Mountains. HOLOCENE, 27 (11). pp. 1613-1630. ISSN 0959-6836

Haliuc, Aritina and Veres, Dániel and Brauer, Achim and Hubay, Katalin and Hutchinson, Simon M. and Braun, Mihály (2017) Palaeohydrological changes during the mid and late Holocene in the Carpathian area, central-eastern Europe. GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE, 152. pp. 99-114. ISSN 0921-8181

Balogh, Zsuzsanna and Harangi, Sándor and Gyulai, István and Braun, Mihály and Hubay, Katalin and Tóthmérész, Béla and Simon, Edina (2016) Exploring river pollution based on sediment analysis in the Upper Tisza region (Hungary). ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH, 24. pp. 4851-4859. ISSN 0944-1344

Túri, Marianna and Palcsu, László and Papp, László and Horváth, Anikó and Futó, István and Molnár, József and Rinyu, László and Janovics, Róbert and Braun, Mihály and Hubay, Katalin and Kis, Boglárka Mercédesz and Koltay, Gabriella (2016) Isotope Characteristics of the water and sediment in volcanic lake Saint Ana, East-Carpathians, Romania. CARPATHIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, 11 (2). pp. 475-484. ISSN 1842-4090

Karátson, Dávid and Wulf, S. and Veres, D. and Magyari, Enikő Katalin and Gertisser, R. and Novothny, Ágnes and Telbisz, Tamás Ferenc and Szalai, Zoltán and Hubay, Katalin (2016) The latest explosive eruptions of Ciomadul (Csomád) volcano, East Carpathians : a tephrostratigraphic approach for the 51–29 ka BP time interval. JOURNAL OF VOLCANOLOGY AND GEOTHERMAL RESEARCH, 319. pp. 29-51. ISSN 0377-0273

Balogh, Zsuzsanna and Gyulai, István and Fehérné Baranyai, Edina and Hubay, Katalin and Harangi, Sándor and Kundrát, János Tamás and Braun, Mihály and Korponai, János and Simon, Edina (2014) Holtmedrek toxikus elemtartalmának vizsgálata üledékminták alapján. HIDROLÓGIAI KÖZLÖNY, 94 (5-6). pp. 18-20. ISSN 0018-1323

Buczkó, Krisztina and Magyari, Enikő K. and Soróczki-Pintér, Éva and Hubay, Katalin and Braun, Mihály and Bálint, Miklós (2009) Diatom-based evidence for abrupt climate changes during the Late Glacial in the Southern Carpathian Mountains. Central European Geology, 52 (3-4). pp. 249-268. ISSN 1788-2281

Magyari, Enikő K. and Braun, Mihály and Buczkó, Krisztina and Kern, Zoltán and László, Péter and Hubay, Katalin and Bálint, Miklós (2009) Radiocarbon chronology of glacial lake sediments in the Retezat Mts (South Carpathians, Romania): a window to Late Glacial and Holocene climatic and paleoenvironmental changes. Central European Geology, 52 (3-4). pp. 225-248. ISSN 1788-2281

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