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Patonai, K. and Jordán, Ferenc (2017) Aggregation of incomplete food web data may help to suggest sampling strategies. ECOLOGICAL MODELLING, 352. pp. 77-89. ISSN 0304-3800

Jordán, Ferenc (2017) Book review. Community Ecology, 18 (2). pp. 225-226. ISSN 1585-8553

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Pereira, Juliana and Saura, Santiago and Jordán, Ferenc (2017) Single-node vs. multi-node centrality in landscape graph analysis: key habitat patches and their protection for 20 bird species in NE Spain. METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, 8 (11). pp. 1458-1467. ISSN 2041-210X

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Jordán, Ferenc and Lauria, Mario and Scotti, Marco and Nguyen, Thanh-Phuong and Praveen, Paurush (2015) Diversity of key players in the microbial ecosystems of the human body. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 5. p. 15920. ISSN 2045-2322

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Lai, Shu-mei and Liu, Wei-chung and Jordán, Ferenc (2015) A trophic overlap-based measure for species uniqueness in ecological networks. ECOLOGICAL MODELLING, 299. pp. 95-101. ISSN 0304-3800

Podani, János and Jordán, Ferenc and Schmera, Dénes (2014) A new approach to exploring architecture of bipartite (interaction) ecological networks. Journal of complex networks, 2. pp. 168-186. ISSN 2051-1310

Vasas, Vera and Magura, Tibor and Jordán, Ferenc and Tóthmérész, Béla (2009) Graph theory in action: evaluating planned highway tracks based on connectivity measures. LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY, 24 (5). pp. 581-586. ISSN 0921-2973

Jordán, Ferenc and Magura, Tibor and Tóthmérész, Béla and Vasas, Vera and Ködöböcz, V. (2008) Quantifying the compromise – Developing the road map and protecting the forest network. CURRENT CONSERVATION, 2-3. p. 4. ISSN 0974-0953

Jordán, Ferenc and Magura, Tibor and Tóthmérész, Béla and Vasas, Vera and Ködöböcz, Viktor (2007) Carabids (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in a forest patchwork: a connectivity analysis of the Bereg Plain landscape graph. LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY, 22 (10). pp. 1527-1539. ISSN 0921-2973


Czárán, Tamás and Jordán, Ferenc and Scheuring, István and Szathmáry, Eörs (2006) Topográfiai és topológiai kényszerek evolúciós és ökológiai rendszerekben = Topographical and topological constraints in evolutionary and ecological systems. Project Report. OTKA.

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