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Kriston-Pál, Éva and Czibula, Ágnes and Gyuris, Zoltán and Balka, Gyula and Seregi, Antal and Haracska, Lajos and Monostori, Éva (2017) Characterization and therapeutic application of canine adipose mesenchymal stem cells to treat elbow osteoarthritis. CANADIAN JOURNAL OF VETERINARY RESEARCH-REVUE CANADIENNE DE RECHERCHE VETERINAIRE, 81 (1). pp. 73-78. ISSN 0830-9000

Hornung, Ákos and Monostori, Éva and Kovacs, L. (2017) Systemic lupus erythematosus in the light of the regulatory effects of galectin-1 on T-cell function. LUPUS, 26 (4). pp. 339-347. ISSN 0961-2033

Hegedüs, Zsófia and Makra, Ildikó and Imre, Norbert and Hetényi, Anasztázia and Mándity, István and Monostori, Éva and Martinek, Tamás (2016) Foldameric probes for membrane interactions by induced β-sheet folding. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS (9). pp. 1891-1894. ISSN 1359-7345

Fajka-Boja, Roberta and Suhajdáné Urbán, Veronika and Szebeni, Gábor and Czibula, Ágnes and Blaskó, Andrea and Kriston-Pál, Éva and Makra, Ildikó and Hornung, Ákos and Szabó, Enikő and Than, Nándor Gábor and Monostori, Éva (2016) Galectin-1 is a local but not systemic immunomodulatory factor in mesenchymal stromal cells. CYTOTHERAPY, 18 (3). pp. 360-370. ISSN 1465-3249

Kudlik, Gyöngyi and Hegyi, Beáta and Czibula, Ágnes and Monostori, Éva and Buday, László and Uher, Ferenc (2016) Mesenchymal stem cells promote macrophage polarization toward M2b-like cells. EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH, 348 (1). pp. 36-45. ISSN 0014-4827

Hetényi, Anasztázia and Hegedüs, Zsófia and Fajka-Boja, Roberta and Monostori, Éva and E. Kövér, Katalin and Martinek, Tamás (2016) Target-specific NMR detection of protein–ligand interactions with antibody-relayed 15N-group selective STD. JOURNAL OF BIOMOLECULAR NMR, 66. pp. 227-232. ISSN 0925-2738

Fajka-Boja, Roberta and Czibula, Ágnes and Monostori, Éva (2015) Genetics, molecular and cell biology of apoptotic cell death. ACTA BIOLOGICA SZEGEDIENSIS, 59 (Suppl ). in-press. ISSN 1588-385X

Szabó, Enikő and Fajka-Boja, Roberta and Kriston-Pál, Éva and Hornung, Ákos and Makra, Ildikó and Katona, Róbert László and Monostori, Éva and Czibula, Ágnes (2015) Licensing by Inflammatory Cytokines Abolishes Heterogeneity of Immunosuppressive Function of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Population. STEM CELLS AND DEVELOPMENT, 24 (18). pp. 2171-2180. ISSN 1547-3287

Deák, Magdolna and Hornung, Ákos and Novák, Julianna and Demydenko, Dmytro and Szabó, Enikő and Czibula, Ágnes and Fajka-Boja, Roberta and Kriston-Pál, Éva and Monostori, Éva and Kovács, László (2015) Novel role for galectin-1 in T-cells under physiological and pathological conditions. IMMUNOBIOLOGY, 220 (4). pp. 483-489. ISSN 0171-2985

Hegedus, Z. and Weber, E. and Végh, Lea and Váczi, Balázs and Tubák, Vilmos and Kriston-Pál, Éva and Monostori, Éva (2014) Two-stage interaction of the tumor nursing galectin-1. JOURNAL OF THERMAL ANALYSIS AND CALORIMETRY. ISSN 1388-6150

Hegedüs, Zsófia and Wéber, Edit and Kriston-Pál, Éva and Makra, Ildikó and Czibula, Ágnes and Monostori, Éva and Martinek, Tamás (2013) Foldameric alpha/beta-Peptide Analogs of the beta-Sheet-Forming Antiangiogenic Anginex: Structure and Bioactivity. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 135 (44). pp. 16578-16584. ISSN 0002-7863

Novák, Julianna and Kriston-Pál, Éva and Czibula, Ágnes and Deák, Magdolna and Kovács, László and Monostori, Éva and Fajka-Boja, Roberta (2013) GM1 controlled lateral segregation of tyrosine kinase Lck predispose T-cells to cell-derived galectin-1-induced apoptosis. MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY, 57 (2). pp. 302-309. ISSN 0161-5890

Blaskó, Andrea and Fajka-Boja, Roberta and Ion, Gabriela and Monostori, Éva (2011) How does it act when soluble? Critical evaluation of mechanism of galectin-1 induced T-cell apoptosis. Acta Biologica Hungarica, 62 (1). pp. 106-111. ISSN 0236-5383

Wéber, Edit and Hetényi, Anasztázia and Váczi, Balázs and Szolnoki, Éva Tünde and Fajka-Boja, Roberta and Tubák, Vilmos and Monostori, Éva and Martinek, Tamás (2010) Galectin-1-Asialofetuin Interaction Is Inhibited by Peptides Containing the Tyr-Xxx-Tyr Motif Acting on the Glycoprotein. CHEMBIOCHEM, 11 (2). pp. 228-234. ISSN 1439-4227


Monostori, Éva and Fajka Boja, Roberta (2011) Immunmoduláló humán galektin-1 által kiváltott T-sejt apoptózis molekuláris mechanizmusa = Molecular mechanism of T-cell apoptosis induced by human galectin-1. Project Report. OTKA.

Penke, Botond and Bogár, Ferenc and Hornyák, Miklós Gábor and Janáky, Tamás and Kele, Zoltán and Monostori, Éva and Paragi, Gábor and Somlai, Csaba and Szűcs, Mária and Tóth, Gézáné and Tóth, Géza and Tóth, Gábor and Váradi, Györgyi and Zarándi, Márta (2009) Peptidek és fehérjék, és peptid-nukleinsavak szintézise, szerkezetvizsgálata és biológiai szerepe = Synthesis, structure investigation and biological role of peptides, proteins and peptide nucleic acids. Project Report. OTKA.

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