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Hujber, Zoltán and Petővári, Gábor and Szoboszlai, Norbert and Dankó, Titanilla and Nagy, Noémi and Kriston, Csilla and Krencz, Ildikó and Paku, Sándor and Ozohanics, Olivér and Drahos, László and Jeney, András and Sebestyén, Anna (2017) Rapamycin (mTORC1 inhibitor) reduces the production of lactate and 2-hydroxyglutarate oncometabolites in IDH1 mutant fibrosarcoma cells. Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research, 36 (1). p. 74. ISSN 1756-9966

Tátrai, Enikő and Bartal, Alexandra and Gacs, Alexandra and Paku, Sándor and Kenessey, István and Garay, Tamás and Hegedűs, Balázs and Molnár, Eszter and T. Cserepes, Mihály and Hegedüs, Zita and Kucsma, Nóra and Szakács, Gergely and Tóvári, József (2017) Cell type-dependent HIF1 alpha-mediated effects of hypoxia on proliferation, migration and metastatic potential of human tumor cells. ONCOTARGET, 8. pp. 44498-44510. ISSN 1949-2553

Török, Szilvia and Rezeli, Melinda and Kelemen, Olga and Végvári, Ákos and Watanabe, Kenichi and Kovács, Ildikó and Tóvári, József and Hegedűs, Balázs and Paku, Sándor and Döme, Balázs (2017) Limited Tumor Tissue Drug Penetration Contributes to Primary Resistance against Angiogenesis Inhibitors. Theranostics, 7 (2). pp. 400-412. ISSN 1838-7640

Bridgeman, Victoria L and Vermeulen, Peter B and Foo, Shane and Bilecz, Ágnes and Daley, Frances and Hegedűs, Balázs and Rényi-Vámos, Ferenc István and Paku, Sándor and Döme, Balázs (2017) Vessel co-option is common in human lung metastases and mediates resistance to anti-angiogenic therapy in preclinical lung metastasis models. JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY, 241 (3). pp. 362-374. ISSN 0022-3417

Bugyik, Edina and Renyi-Vamos, Ferenc and Szabó, Vanessza and Dezső, Katalin and Ecker, Nora and Rókusz, András and Nagy, Peter and Döme, Balázs and Paku, Sándor (2016) Mechanisms of vascularization in murine models of primary and metastatic tumor growth. Chinese Journal of Cancer, 35 (1). pp. 1-8. ISSN 1944-446X

Fülöp, András and Budai, András and Czigány, Zoltán and Lotz, Gábor and Dezső, Katalin and Paku, Sándor and Harsányi, László and Szijártó, Attila (2015) Alterations in hepatic lobar function in regenerating rat liver. Journal of Surgical Research, 197 (2). pp. 307-317. ISSN 00224804

Hajósi-Kalcakosz, Szofia and Vincze, Eszter and Dezső, Katalin and Paku, Sándor and Rókusz, András and Sápi, Zoltán and Tóth, Erika and Nagy, Péter (2015) EZH2 is a sensitive marker of malignancy in salivary gland tumors. Diagnostic pathology, 10. p. 163. ISSN 1746-1596, ESSN: 1746-1596

Fullár, Alexandra and Dudás, József and Oláh, Lászlóné and Hollósi, Péter and Papp, Zoltán and Sobel, Gábor and Karászi, Katalin and Paku, Sándor and Baghy, Kornélia and Kovalszky, Ilona (2015) Remodeling of extracellular matrix by normal and tumor-associated fibroblasts promotes cervical cancer progression. BMC Cancer, 15 (1). ISSN 1471-2407

Berta, Judit and Hoda, Mir Alireza and Laszlo, Viktória and Rozsas, Anita and Garay, Tamás and Torok, Szilvia and Grusch, Michael and Berger, Walter and Paku, Sándor and Rényi-Vámos, Ferenc and Masri, Bernard and Tóvári, József and Groger, Marion and Klepetko, Walter and Hegedűs, Balázs and Döme, Balázs (2014) Apelin promotes lymphangiogenesis and lymph node metastasis. Oncotarget, 5 (12). pp. 4426-4437. ISSN 1949-2553

Papp, Veronika and Rókusz, András and Dezső, Katalin and Bugyik, Edina and Szabó, Vanessza and Pávai, Zoltán and Paku, Sándor and Nagy, Péter (2014) Expansion of Hepatic Stem Cell Compartment Boosts Liver Regeneration. STEM CELLS AND DEVELOPMENT, 23 (1). pp. 56-65. ISSN 1547-3287

Pomozi, Viola and Le Saux, Olivier and Brampton, Christopher and Iliás, Attila and Szeri, Flóra and Monostory, Katalin and Paku, Sándor and Sarkadi, Balázs and Szakács, Gergely and Váradi, András (2013) ABCC6 is a basolateral plasma membrane protein. CIRCULATION RESEARCH, 112 (11). e148-e151. ISSN 0009-7330

Döme, Balázs and Tímár, József and Ladányi, Andrea and Paku, Sándor and Rényi-Vámos, Ferenc István and Lang, György and Döme, Péter and Bogos, Krisztina and Tóvári, József (2009) Circulating endothelial cells, bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cells and proangiogenic haematopoietic cells in cancer: From biology to therapy. CRITICAL REVIEWS IN ONCOLOGY HEMATOLOGY, 69 (2). pp. 108-124. ISSN 1040-8428

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Döme, Balázs and Tímár, József and Dobos, Judit and Rásó-Barnett, Lívia and Rásó, Erzsébet and Paku, Sándor and Kenessey, István and Ostoros, Gyula and Ladányi, Andrea and Bogos, Krisztina and Tóvári, József (2006) Identification and clinical significance of circulating endothelial progenitor cells in human non-small cell lung cancer. CANCER RESEARCH, 66 (14). pp. 7341-7347. ISSN 0008-5472

Tóvári, József and Gilly, R. and Rásó, Erzsébet and Paku, Sándor and Bereczky, Bíborka and Tímár, József (2005) Recombinant human erythropoietin alpha targets intratumoral blood vessels, improving chemotherapy in human xenograft models. CANCER RESEARCH, 65 (16). pp. 7186-7193. ISSN 0008-5472


Nagy, Péter and Paku, Sándor (2011) Az őssejtek részvétele a máj regenerációban = The participation of hepatic stem cells in liver regeneration. Project Report. OTKA.

Tímár, József and Döme, Balázs and Paku, Sándor and Tóvári, József (2011) Konzorcium, fő p.: Rosszindulatú daganatok ereződésének mintázata és molekuláris mechanizmusa = Consortional main: Vascularization patterns of cancer and molecular pathways behind. Project Report. OTKA.

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Nagy, Péter and Mohos, Anita and Paku, Sándor (2007) Az őssejtek részvétele a máj regenerációban és a carcinogenezisben = The role of stem cells in liver regeneration and carcinogenesis. Project Report. OTKA.

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