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Adori, C. and Gluck, L. and Barde, S. and Yoshitake, T. and Kovacs, G. G. and Maglóczky, Zsófia and Bölcskei, Kata and Szolcsányi, János and Palkovits, Miklós (2015) Critical role of somatostatin receptor 2 in the vulnerability of the central noradrenergic system: new aspects on Alzheimer's disease. ACTA NEUROPATHOLOGICA, 129 (4). pp. 541-563. ISSN 0001-6322

Botz, Balint and Imreh, András and Sándor, Katalin and Elekes, Krisztián and Szolcsányi, János and Reglődi, Dóra and Quinn, John P. and Steward, James and Zimmer, Andreas and Hashimoto, Hitoshi and Helyes, Zsuzsanna (2013) Role of Pituitary Adenylate-Cyclase Activating Polypeptide and Tac1 gene derived tachykinins in sensory, motor and vascular functions under normal and neuropathic conditions. Peptides, 43. pp. 105-112.

Szolcsányi, János and Elekes, Krisztián and Németh, József and Pethő, Gábor and Sándor, Zoltán and Szabó, Árpád and Varga, Angelika (2009) A TRPV1 kapszaicin receptor által közvetített nocicepció és antinocicepció mechanizmusa és farmakológiai befolyásolása = Mechanism and pharmacology of nociception and antinociception mediated by TRPV1 capsaicin receptor. Project Report. OTKA.

Pintér, Erika and Bánvölgyi, Ágnes and Helyes, Zsuzsanna and Horváthné dr. László, Terézia and Németh, József and Sándor, Zoltán and Szabó, Árpád and Szolcsányi, János (2008) A kapszaicin-érzékeny szenzoros neuronok és a gyulladásos sejtek közötti kölcsönhatás vizsgálata normál és transzgenikus egerekben = Investigation of interactions between capsaicin-sensitive sensory neurones and inflammatory cells in normal and transgenic mice. Project Report. OTKA.

Debreceni, A. and Figler, Mária and Pár, Alajos and Király, A. and Gasztonyi, Beáta and Mózsik, Gyula and Szolcsányi, János (2004) Capsaicin enhances the serum level of glucose by the increased absorption and increased glucagon release during glucose loading test in human healthy subjects. Zeitschrift für Gastroenterologie, 42 (5). p. 23. ISSN 0044-2771

Mózsik, Gyula and Gasztonyi, Beáta and Juricskay, I. and Pár, Alajos and Szolcsányi, János (2003) Direct evidence for the exclusion of desensitization to capsaicin during two weeks treatment in human healthy subjects. Inflammopharmacology, 11 (4-6). pp. 546-547. ISSN 0925-4692 (print) 1568-5608 (online)

Németh, J. and Szilvássy, Z. and Oroszi, G. and Pórszász, R. and Jakab, B. and Szolcsányi, János (2001) Impaired capsaicin-induced decrease in heart rate and coronary flow in isolated heart of diabetic rats. Acta Physiologica Hungarica, 88 (3-4). pp. 207-218. ISSN 0231-424X

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