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Zádor, Ferenc and Király, Kornél and Váradi, András and Balogh, Mihaly and Fehér, Ágnes and Kocsis, Dóra and Erdei, Anna I and Lackó, Erzsébet and Zádori, Zoltán S and Hosztafi, Sándor and Noszál, Béla and Riba, Pál and Benyhe, Sándor and Fürst, Zsuzsanna and Al-Khrasani, Mahmoud (2017) New opioid receptor antagonist: Naltrexone-14-O-sulfate synthesis and pharmacology. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, 809. pp. 111-121. ISSN 0014-2999

Mészáros, István and Olasz, Ferenc and Cságola, Attila and Tijssen, Peter and Zádori, Zoltán S (2017) Biology of Porcine Parvovirus (Ungulate parvovirus 1). VIRUSES, 9 (12). E393-E393. ISSN 1999-4915

Zádori, Zoltán S and Tóth, Viktória E and Fehér, Agnes and Philipp, Kirsch and Németh, József and Gyires, Klára (2014) Evidence for the gastric cytoprotective effect of centrally injected agmatine. Brain research bulletin, 108C. pp. 51-59. ISSN 1873-2747

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Gyires, Klára and Rónai, András Z and Zádori, Zoltán S and Tóth, Viktória E and Németh, József and Szekeres, Mária and Hunyady, László (2014) Angiotensin II-induced activation of central AT1 receptors exerts endocannabinoid-mediated gastroprotective effect in rats. Molecular and cellular endocrinology, 382 (2). pp. 971-8. ISSN 1872-8057

Bálint, Ádám and Farsang, Attila and Szeredi, Levente and Zádori, Zoltán S and Belák, Sándor (2014) Recombinant feline coronaviruses as vaccine candidates confer protection in SPF but not in conventional cats. VETERINARY MICROBIOLOGY, 169 (3-4). pp. 154-162. ISSN 0378-1135

Köles, László and Garção, Pedro and Zádori, Zoltán S and Ferreira, Samira G and Pinheiro, Bárbara S and da Silva-Santos, Carla S and Ledent, Catherine and Köfalvi, Attila (2013) Presynaptic TRPV1 vanilloid receptor function is age- but not CB1 cannabinoid receptor-dependent in the rodent forebrain. Brain research bulletin, 97. pp. 126-35. ISSN 1873-2747

Zádori, Zoltán S and Fehér, Ágnes and Al-Khrasani, Mahmoud and Lackó, Erzsébet and Tóth, Viktória E and Brancati, Serena B and Hein, Lutz and Mátyus, Péter and Gyires, Klára (2013) Imidazoline versus alpha₂-adrenoceptors in the control of gastric motility in mice. European journal of pharmacology, 705 (1-3). pp. 61-7. ISSN 1879-0712

Brancati, Serena B and Zádori, Zoltán S and Németh, József and Gyires, Klára (2013) Substance P induces gastric mucosal protection at supraspinal level via increasing the level of endomorphin-2 in rats. Brain research bulletin, 91. pp. 38-45. ISSN 1873-2747

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