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B. Stenge, Csaba (2019) A „vízkereszti csata”: csehszlovák–magyar határincidens Munkácsnál 1939. január 6-án (1. rész). HONVÉDSÉGI SZEMLE: A MAGYAR HONVÉDSÉG KÖZPONTI FOLYÓIRATA (2008-), 147 (1). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2060-1506 (Submitted)

B. Stenge, Csaba (2019) A „vízkereszti csata”: csehszlovák–magyar határincidens Munkácsnál 1939. január 6-án (2. rész). HONVÉDSÉGI SZEMLE: A MAGYAR HONVÉDSÉG KÖZPONTI FOLYÓIRATA (2008-), 147 (2). ISSN 2060-1506 (Submitted)

Balázs, Eszter (2019) The Image of the Jewish Soldier-Intellectual in Múlt és Jövő, the Hungarian Review promoting Jewish Cultural Renaissance (1914-1918). In: Jewish Soldiers in the Collective Memory of Central Europe. Böhlau Verlag. (Submitted)

Barczy, Mátyás and Ben Alaya, Mohamed and Kebaier, Ahmed and Pap, Gyula (2019) Asymptotic behavior of maximum likelihood estimators for a jump-type Heston model. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 198. pp. 139-164.

Barão, Lúcia and Alaoui, Abdallah and Ferreira, Carla and Basch, Gottlieb and Schwilch, Gudrun and Geissen, Violette and Lemesle, Julie and Garcia-Orenes, Fuensanta and Sukkel, Wijnand and Morugán-Coronado, Alicia and Mataix-Solera, Jorge and Kosmas, Costas and Glavan, Matjaž and Pintar, Marina and Tóth, Brigitta and Hermann, Tamás and Vizitiu, Olga Petruta and Lipiec, Jerzy and Reintam, Endla and Xu, Minggang and Di, Jiaying and Fan, Hongzhu and Wang, Fei (2019) Assessment of promising agricultural management practices. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 649. pp. 610-619. ISSN 0048-9697

Bodó, Kornélia and Boros, Ákos and Rumpler, Éva and Molnár, László and Böröcz, Katalin and Németh, Péter and Engelmann, Péter (2019) Identification of novel lumbricin homologues in Eisenia andrei earthworms. DEVELOPMENTAL AND COMPARATIVE IMMUNOLOGY, 90. pp. 41-46. ISSN 0145-305X

Bozsóki, István and Géczy, Attila and Illés, Balázs György (2019) Component level modelling of heat transfer during vapour phase soldering with finite difference ADI approach. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, 128. pp. 562-569. ISSN 0017-9310


Galkin, Nikolay G. and Dotsenko, Sergey A. and Galkin, Konstantin N. and Maslov, Andrey M. and Migas, Dmitrii B. and Bogorodz, Vlodislav O. and Filonov, Andrey B. and Borisenko, Victor E. and Cora, Ildikó and Pécz, Béla and Goroshko, Dmitrii L. and Tupkalo, Andrei V. and Chusovitin, Evgenii A. (2019) Conductive CaSi2 transparent in the near infra-red range. JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 770. pp. 710-720. ISSN 0925-8388


Hegyi, Ádám Alex (2019) Die Rolle der in Basel erstellten Dissertationen ungarländischer Medizinstudenten in der Erweiterung der medizinischen Kenntnisse im Laufe des 18. Jahrhunderts im Königreich Ungarn. Gesnerus : Swiss Journal of the History of Medicine and Sciences. ISSN 0016-9161 (Submitted)

Hegyi, Ádám Alex (2019) The Idol Moloch in the Church. The Interconnection of Calvinist Identity and the Memory of Reformation in the South-Eastern Part of the Hungarian Kingdom in the 18th Century. In: Changes, (Dis)Continuities, Traditions and Their Invention During 500 Years of Reformation. Refo500 . Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. (Unpublished)

Horváth, Zsolt K. (2019) Új iskola – új társadalom: Mérei Ferenc és a demokratikus iskola kísérlete Magyarországon, 1945–1948. In: A szerkesztés alatt álló kötet címe számomra egyenlőre ismeretlen. A szerkesztés alatt álló kötet kiadója számomra egyenlőre ismeretlen., Budapest. (Submitted)


Molnár, Tamás (2019) The Place and Role of International Human Rights Law in the EU Return Directive and in the Related CJEU Case- Law: Approaches Worlds Apart? In: The EU External Policies on Migration, Borders and Asylum in an Era. Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy in Europe (44). Brill Nijhoff, Leiden - Boston, pp. 105-124. ISBN 78-90-04-35422-7


Nagy, Zoltán Lóránt (2019) Supersaturation of C4: From Zarankiewicz towards Erdős–Simonovits–Sidorenko. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS, 75. pp. 19-31. ISSN 0195-6698


Sári, B. László (2019) Description, historical reference and allegories of America in Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice. PRIMERJALNA KNJIZEVNOST, 42 (2). ISSN 0351-1189 (In Press)

Sári, B. László (2019) REALISM AND REGIMES OF TRUTH IN JONATHAN FRANZEN’S PURITY. In: Languages of Culture: Essays on Literature, Media and Rhetoric. Cambridge Scholars Press, Manchester. (Submitted)

Sári, B. László (2019) A leírás és a posztmodern „Amerika” revíziója Thomas Pynchon Beépített hiba című regényében. In: Leírás. Reciti, Budapest. (Submitted)


Tuboly, Ádám Tamás (2019) Building a New Thursday Circle: Carnap and Frank in Prague. In: Young Carnap in an Historical Context: 1918-1935. Springer, Cham. (In Press)

Tuboly, Ádám Tamás (2019) Review of: Monika Gruber (2016), Alfred Tarski and the “Concept of Truth in Formalized Languages”: A Running Commentary with Consideration of the Polish Original and the German Translation. Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook. (In Press)


Varga, Péter András (2019) Alexander Bernát és tanítványi köre mint filozófiatörténet-írási probléma. In: Magyar-zsidó identitásminták (szerk. Dénes Iván Zoltán). Ráció, Budapest. (In Press)

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