Highly Homogeneous 2D/3D Heterojunction Diodes by Pulsed Laser Deposition of MoS2 on Ion Implantation Doped 4H-SiC

Giannazzo, Filippo and Panasci, Salvatore Ethan and Schiliro, Emanuela and Fiorenza, Patrick and Greco, Giuseppe and Koós, Antal Adolf and Pécz, Béla (2022) Highly Homogeneous 2D/3D Heterojunction Diodes by Pulsed Laser Deposition of MoS2 on Ion Implantation Doped 4H-SiC. ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES. ISSN 2196-7350

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In this paper, 2D/3D heterojunction diodes have been fabricated by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) of MoS2 on 4H-SiC(0001) surfaces with different doping levels, i.e., n(-) epitaxial doping (approximate to 10(16) cm(-3)) and n(+) ion implantation doping (>10(19) cm(-3)). After assessing the excellent thickness uniformity (approximate to 3L-MoS2) and conformal coverage of the PLD-grown films by Raman mapping and transmission electron microscopy, the current injection across the heterojunctions is investigated by temperature-dependent current-voltage characterization of the diodes and by nanoscale current mapping with conductive atomic force microscopy. A wide tunability of the transport properties is shown by the SiC surface doping, with highly rectifying behavior for the MoS2/n(-) SiC junction and a strongly enhanced current injection for MoS2/n(+) SiC one. Thermionic emission is found the dominant mechanism ruling forward current in MoS2/n(-) SiC diodes, with an effective barrier phi(B) = (1.04 +/- 0.09) eV. Instead, the significantly lower effective barrier phi(B) = (0.31 +/- 0.01) eV and a temperature-dependent ideality factor for MoS2/n(+) SiC junctions is explained by thermionic-field-emission through the thin depletion region of n(+) doped SiC. The scalability of PLD MoS2 deposition and the electronic transport tunability by implantation doping of SiC represents key steps for industrial development of MoS2/SiC devices.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: pulsed laser deposition; HETEROSTRUCTURES; THERMAL-EXPANSION; MONOLAYER MOS2; Chemistry, Multidisciplinary; photodetector; (2); MOS; conductive atomic force microscopy; Schottky; heterojunction diodes;
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