Speciation and structure of tin(II) in hyper-alkaline aqueous solution

Bajnóczi, Éva G. and Czeglédi, Eszter and Kuzmann, Ernő and Homonnay, Zoltán and Bálint, Szabolcs and Dombi, György and Forgo, Péter and Berkesi, Ottó and Pálinkó, István and Peintler, Gábor and Sipos, Pál and Perssong, Ingmar (2015) Speciation and structure of tin(II) in hyper-alkaline aqueous solution. DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 43 (48). pp. 17971-19797. ISSN 1477-9226

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The structure of tin(II) hydroxido complex forming in hyper-alkaline aqueous solutions (0.2  CNaOH  12 mol⋅dm-3) has been determined by EXAFS, Raman and Mössbauer spectroscopy, and the general composition by potentiometric titrations. Experimental work was supplemented by computational means. 10 The mean Sn-O distance in the non-linear complex is remarkably short, 2.078 Å. From single crystal X-ray data of O-coordinated Sn(II) compounds, for the given coordination numbers of N = 2 and 3, the bond distances were found to cover a relatively wide range (much wider than normal). The experimentally 15 determined Sn-O bond distance is within the range of both. Thermodynamic studies using H2/Pt electrode up to free hydroxide concentrations of 1 mol⋅dm-3 have shown the presence of a single complex with a tin(II):hydroxide ratio of 1:3. These findings together with Raman and Mössbauer spectroscopic 20 measurements supplemented by quantum mechanical calculations proved that the predominating complex is [Sn(OH)3]– and that the presence of [SnO(OH)]– cannot be experimentally proven. It is also shown that at pH values above 13 the structure of the predominating trihydroxidotin(II) complex is not affected by the 25 presence of high concentrations of chloride ions.

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