Mn(II)/Mn(III) and Fe(III) binding capability of two Aspergillus fumigatus siderophores, desferricrocin and N′, N″, N‴- triacetylfusarinine C

Farkas, Etelka and Szabó, Orsolya and Parajdi-Losonczi, Péter L. and Balla, György and Pócsi, István (2014) Mn(II)/Mn(III) and Fe(III) binding capability of two Aspergillus fumigatus siderophores, desferricrocin and N′, N″, N‴- triacetylfusarinine C. JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY, 139. pp. 30-37. ISSN 0162-0134

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Manganese(II) and manganese(III) complexes of the exocyclic desferricrocin (H3DFCR) and endocyclic triacetylfusarinine C (H3TAF) in solution have been studied by using pH-potentiometry, UV-Vis spectrophotometry, relaxometry and cyclic voltammetry. A comparison between the present results and the corresponding ones for the open-chain analogues, desferrioxamine B (DFB) and desferricoprogen (DFC), shows (i) The dissociation processes of H 3DFCR occur in the expected pH-range (pH 7-10.5), but hydrogen bonding is assumed to be responsible for a quite low proton dissociation constant (pK = 4.18) of H3TAF and also an unusually high one (10.59). (ii) Moderate stability complexes with 1:1 Mn(II) to ligand ratio are formed with all four siderophores. (iii) The coordination of the three hydroxamates of a siderophore takes place in stepwise processes, except the case of desferricrocin, with which, large-extent overlapping of the processes occurs. (iv) Out of the four tris-chelated [ML] type complexes, the complex of DFCR is the most compact, as it is indicated by the relaxivity values. (v) Following the stoichiometric oxidation of the Mn(II)-siderophore complexes at pH ≥ 9, tris-chelated Mn(III) complexes are formed. To make a comparison between the stability of the Mn(III) and the corresponding Fe(III) complexes of DFCR and TAF, the determination of the stability of the Fe(III) complexes under our condition has also been performed, by using UV-Vis spectrophotometry. Comparable stability of the corresponding complexes was found. (vi) Correlation study of the stability constants resulted in estimation of the constant of the Mn(III) monohydroxo complex, for which there was no data in the literature under our conditions. © 2014 Published by Elsevier Inc.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: ultraviolet spectrophotometry; PH; nonhuman; hydrogen bond; dissociation constant; DISSOCIATION; cyclic potentiometry; correlational study; Aspergillus fumigatus; ARTICLE; unclassified drug; SIDEROPHORE; PROTON; n', n'', n''' triacetylfusarinine C; manganese derivative; LIGAND; Hydroxamic acid; ferric ion; desferricoprogen; deferriferricrocin; deferoxamine; solution equilibria; RELAXIVITY; Redox behaviour; Manganese(III)-monohydroxo complex; Manganese(II)/(III) and iron(III) complexes; Hydroxamate based siderophores
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