Comparison of soil erosion dynamics under extensive and intensive cultivation based on basic soil parameters

Szabó, B. and Centeri, Csaba and Szalai, Z. and Jakab, G. and Szabó, J. (2015) Comparison of soil erosion dynamics under extensive and intensive cultivation based on basic soil parameters. NÖVÉNYTERMELÉS, 64. pp. 23-26. ISSN 0546-8191


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The conservation of soil and its elemental feature, t he soil fertility has not just national and agricultural business interest, since the fertile soil is an elemental part of the material turnover in the environment. The soil erosion can reach huge spatial e xtensions and starts with the most valuable part: the upper, fertile layer. So, its research is crucial for our future survival. Our studied area can be found in Gerézdpuszta at the Koppány -valley of Hungary, which is a sensitive erosion area. We sampled the upper 30 cm of soil layer in every 10 meters that resulted 32-32 point samples on the arable and on the grassland, respectively. One sample was taken under the forest as r eference. We analyzed the basic soil parameters: CaCO 3 , pH, AL-P 2 O 5 , AL-K 2 O, Kuron’s higroscopicity, SOM and the particle size di stribution was determined. Besides, we examined the connection between the given results from laboratory soil analyses and the Munsell-type and Google Earth satellite image colors. O ur results show the erosion dynamic on our sample slope, and the main differences in basic soil paramet ers between different intensities. The main indicator of soil erosion dynamic were the CaCO 3 , the SOM, AL-P 2 O 5 and the particle size distribution, where the SOM and CaCO 3 were correlate with the Munsell and Google Earth col or also.

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