Fragmentum Cracoviense Officii Sancti Demetrii Thessalonicensis

Czagány, Zsuzsa (2015) Fragmentum Cracoviense Officii Sancti Demetrii Thessalonicensis. Studia Musicologica, 56 (2-3). pp. 173-188. ISSN 1788-6244


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The manuscript Ms. 2372 of the Jagiellonian Library in Kraków contains a notated fragment of an early 12<sup>th</sup>-century Hungarian antiphoner as a flyleaf. The text written with late Caroline Minuscule is accompanied by two types of music notation. The recitative and formulaic chants appearing in the rubrics (responsoria brevia and versicles of the horae minores) are notated with diastematic neumes. The main text containing the antiphons and responsoria prolixa is written with what is probably the earliest example of the medieval Hungarian (Strigonian) chant notation. The fragment is also remarkable because of its unique content. While the recto contains the standard repertory of the office for St Michael, the verso includes chants from the historia Perennis patrie regis of St Demetrius of Thessaloniki venerated in medieval Hungary as one of its patron-saints. The Cracovian fragment represents the oldest testimonial of the historia discovered so far.

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