Csoportosan tartott anyanyulak viselkedése és helyválasztása négy egybenyitott ketrecben

Farkas, Tamás Péter and Szendrő, Zsolt and Matics, Zsolt and Odermatt, Meinrad and Radnai, István and Gerencsér, Zsolt (2016) Csoportosan tartott anyanyulak viselkedése és helyválasztása négy egybenyitott ketrecben. In: 28. Nyúltenyésztési Tudományos Nap, 2016.05.25, Kaposvár.

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The aim of the experiment was to test the group housing system, examination of location aggressive and sexual behaviour of rabbit does in four interconnected cages. The experiment was conducted at Kaposvár University with non-pregnant Pannon White rabbit does (n=16). The temperature was 15-18 ºC, and 16-hour daily lighting was applied in the room. The rabbit does consumed commercial pellet ad libitum and water was available from drinkers. A 1.00 x 1.75 m open top pen was divided into four individual cages (0.5 x 0.875 m), and four does were placed in it. At the beginning of the experiment the does were placed in the closed cages, individually, to get used to their own cages. Three days later the doors among the cages were opened to allow the does move freely, and the experiment lasted for 14 days. 24-h video recordings were made on days 1, 3, 7 and 14 after opening the doors. Number of rabbits was counted in the cages at every 15 min. The behavioural patterns (fighting, chasing and mating attempts) were observed continuously. The injuries were registered on days 8 and 14. Except on day 1 (46.6%), the majority of rabbit does stayed separately on days 3, 7 and 13 (54.5%, 62.8% and 61.2%). In most cases (53-68%) two does were in one of the cages, and the others were individually, the second most frequent (12-32%) location was when all does were individually. Except for day 7 more rabbit does located in their own cages than the expected probability on all days. Frequency of all examined behavioural patterns was highest after hours opening the doors. The number or fighting, chasing and mating attempts were highest on day 1 (23, 128 and 178, respectively) and these figures were 1, 26 and 34 on day 13. Higher frequencies of injured rabbits (25%) were observed on day 8 than on day 14 (6%). Housing the rabbit does in group in interconnected cages is not recommended.

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