Involvement of high-density lipoprotein in stimulatory effect of hormones supporting function of the bovine corpus luteum.

Skarżyński, D. and Młynarczuk, J. and Kotwica, J. (2003) Involvement of high-density lipoprotein in stimulatory effect of hormones supporting function of the bovine corpus luteum. Acta Veterinaria Hungarica, 51 (1). pp. 111-120. ISSN 0236-6290

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The hypothesis that epinephrine (noradrenaline, NA) enhances utilisation of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) by bovine luteal cells and that this process involves phospholipase (PL) C and protein kinase (PK) C intracellular pathway was tested. Luteal cells from days 2-4, 5-10 or 11-17 of the oestrous cycle were pre-incubated for 20h. Subsequently DMEM/Ham's F-12 medium was replaced by fresh medium and the cells were treated for 6 h as follows: In Experiment I with HDL (5-75μg cholesterol per ml), NA, isoprenaline (ISO) or luteinising hormone (LH). In Experiment II cells were incubated for further 24h in deficient medium (without FCS) and next treated as in Experiment I. In Experiment III cells were stimulated with NA, ISO or LH alone and together with HDL. In Experiment IV cells were treated with PLC inhibitor (U-73122) or with PKC inhibitor (staurosporine) or stimulator (phorbol 12-myristrate 13-acetate) and with either NA, insulin or LH. Only luteal cells from days 5-10 of the cycle responded on HDL and β-mimetics (P<0.05). LH stimulated progesterone secretion from the luteal cells during all stages of the cycle (P<0.001). Cells incubated in deficient medium and supplemented with HDL secreted as much progesterone as those stimulated by LH in all stages of the cycle. Beta-mimetics were unable to enhance the stimulatory effect of HDL. Blockade of PLC had no influence on progesterone secretion from cells treated with either NA or LH, but this did impair the stimulatory effect of insulin (P<0.05). Similarly, blockade of PKC by staurosporine impaired (P<0.05) the effect of insulin only but not that observed after LH or NA treatment. We suggest that: (a) noradrenergic stimulation does not enhance utilisation of cholesterol from HDL for progesterone secretion; (b) the fasting of luteal cells seems to activate enzymes responsible for the progesterone synthesis; (c) effect of NA on progesterone secretion from luteal cells does not involve the PLC-PKC pathway.

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