Basidiocarp and mycelium morphology of Ganoderma lucium Karst. Strains isolated in Hungary

Szedlay, Gyöngyi and Jakucs, Erzsébet and Boldizsár, I. and Bóka, K. (1999) Basidiocarp and mycelium morphology of Ganoderma lucium Karst. Strains isolated in Hungary. Acta Microbiologica et Immunologica Hungarica, 46 (1). pp. 41-52. ISSN 1217-8950


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Morphological, anatomical and cultural characteristics of 14 Ganoderma lucidum(Fr.) Karst strains isolated in Hungary have been investigated. Macroscopically the basidiocarps of the Hungarian strains are absolutely identical with those of described previously about the Ganoderma lucidumspecies-complex. Microscopic features of the fruitbodies and basidiospores showed some differences from the typical G. lucidumspecies. Pilocystidia, forming a homogenous layer on the surface of the pileus, have smooth heads without protrusions and stalks not ramifying. Cell wall pillar density and width of the basidiospores also differ from that of regarded to be characteristic toG. lucidum. Although according to several authors chlamydospore formation is a characteristic feature of G. lucidumit has not been observed in mycelial cultures of the Hungarian strains. Antagonistic reactions between the Hungarian and Far Eastern G. lucidumisolates were mostly similar to the interspecific reactions between the two speciesG. lucidumand G. applanatumand corresponded only in a few cases to the interactions within one species. Our results suggest that the Hungarian strains significantly differ from the Far Eastern strains. To determine the taxonomic degree of this divergence genetical examinations should be carried out.

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