Interesting diatoms from a special habitat

Ács, Éva and Kiss, Keve Tihamér and Dobosy, Péter and Duleba, Mónika and Luc, Ector and Grigorszky, István and Trábert, Zsuzsa and Vad, Csaba Ferenc and Wetzel, Carlos E. and Földi, Angéle (2017) Interesting diatoms from a special habitat. Acta Biologica Plantarum Agriensis, 5 (1). p. 46. ISSN 2061-6716


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The epiphytic diatoms of the soda ponds of bomb craters were sampled in 2014. The small ponds (area: 7.1-86.5 m2, depth: 4 to 60 cm) are located in the northern part of the Kiskunság National Park (47°7.403 'N, 19°8.187'E), near the village of Apaj in Hungary. Their salinity ranges from fresh water to moderately saline levels (conductivity of 1.3 to 7.1 mS cm-1). This area has patchy surface salinization, because the flow pattern of groundwater results extensive surface salinization in those discharge areas where the infiltrating freshwater does not superimpose the upwelling saline water. The salts origin from the overpressured NaCl-type water of the Pre-Neogene basement and the NaHCO3-type water of the Neogene sediments. The ponds can be characterized by different areal extent, depth and salinity, various conductivity, hydroperiod (1–9 months, the deepest ones do not dry out in years with high amount of precipitation due to probably more or less continuous supply by groundwater), plant coverage and width of macrophyte belt. All of the ponds were sampled except for the ones with very short (shorter than one month) hydroperiod. A total of 80 diatom taxa, representing 33 genera, were identified in these ponds. The genus Nitzschia was represented by the largest number of species (16), followed by the genus Gomphonema with 9 taxa. IndVal analysis identified 15 species with significant indicator values for ponds. Some interesting, rare or new diatoms for Hungarian flora have also been recorded, including Gomphonema jadwigiae, Halamphora dominici, Navicula wiesneri, Nitzschia austriaca, N. vitrea, Surirella peisonis.

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