Transfer of the Mexican species of Psychotria subgen. Heteropsychotria to Palicourea based on morphological and molecular evidences

Borhidi, A. (2011) Transfer of the Mexican species of Psychotria subgen. Heteropsychotria to Palicourea based on morphological and molecular evidences. Acta Botanica Hungarica, 53 (3-4). pp. 241-250. ISSN 0236-6495

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Based on molecular and morphological studies the circumscription and reshaping of the genera Palicourea and Psychotria have been proposed (Andersson and Rova 1999, Nepokroeff et al. 1999 and several papers of C. M. Taylor). The most important change is the new placement of the Psychotria subgen. Heteropsychotria Steyerm. (1972) in the Palicourea genus. With this change 39 species and 2 subspecies of the Mexican flora have been transferred resulting 27 new combinations and 2 new names. Corresponding new combinations are: Palicourea acuminata (Benth.) Borhidi based on Psychotria acuminata Benth.; Palicourea axillaries (Sw.) Borhidi based on Cephaëlis axillaries Sw.; Palicourea berteriana (DC.) Borhidi based on Psychotria berteriana DC.; Palicourea brachiata (Sw.) Borhidi based on Psychotria brachiata Sw.; Palicourea capitata (Ruiz et Pav.) Borhidi based on Psychotria capitata Ruiz et Pav.; Palicourea chiapensis (Standl.) Borhidi based on Evea chiapensis Standl.; Palicourea chlorobotrya (Standl.) Borhidi based on Psychotria chlorobotrya Standl.; Palicourea deflexa (DC.) Borhidi based Psychotria deflexa DC.; Palicourea elata (Sw.) Borhidi based on Cephaëlis elata Sw.; Palicourea furcata (DC.) Borhidi based on Psychotria furcata DC.; Palicourea galeottiana M. Martens subsp. persearum (Standl.) Borhidi based on Psychotria persearum Standl.; Palicourea glomerulata (Donn.-Sm.) Borhidi based on Cephaëlis glomerulata Donn.-Sm.; Palicourea hebeclada (DC.) Borhidi based on Psychotria hebeclada DC.; Palicourea hoffmannseggiana (Willd. ex Roem. et Schult.) Borhidi based on Cephaëlis hoffmannseggiana Willd. ex Roem. et Schult.; Palicourea izabalensis (L. O. Wms.) Borhidi based on Psychotria izabalensis L. O. Wms.; Palicourea juarezana (C. M. Taylor et Lorence) Borhidi based on Psychotria juarezana C. M. Taylor et Lorence; Palicourea lozadae (Borhidi et Lorea-Hernandez) Borhidi based on Psychotria lozadae Borhidi et Lorea-Hernandez; Palicourea minarum (Standl. et Steyerm.) Borhidi based on Psychotria minarum Standl. et Steyerm.; Palicourea oreodoxa (L. O. Wms.) Borhidi based on Psychotria oreodoxa L. O. Wms.; Palicourea perotensis (Castillo-Campos) Borhidi based on Psychotria perotensis Castillo-Campos; Palicourea pubescens (Sw.) Borhidi based on Psychotria pubescens Sw.; Palicourea racemosa (Aubl.) Borhidi based on Nonatelia racemosa Aubl.; Palicourea rzedowskiana (Borhidi) Borhidi based on Psychotria rzedowskiana Borhidi; Palicourea simiarum (Standl.) Borhidi based on Psychotria simiarum Standl.; Palicourea simiarum subsp. chiapensis (C. M. Taylor) Borhidi based on Psychotria simiarum subsp. chiapensis C. M. Taylor; Palicourea tomentosa (Aubl.) Borhidi based on Tapogomea tomentosa Aubl.; Palicourea veracruzensis (Lorence et Dwyer) Borhidi based on Psychotria veracruzensis Lorence et Dwyer. The new names are: Palicourea steyermarkiana Borhidi based on Psychotria steyermarkii Standl., non Palicourea steyermarkii C. M. Taylor; and Palicourea swartziana Borhidi based on Nonatelia officinalis Aubl., non Palicourea officinalis Martius.

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