Vospominaniâ ob Èster Ojtozi (1935-2006) [Vospominanija ob Ester Ojtozi]

Földvári, Sándor (2015) Vospominaniâ ob Èster Ojtozi (1935-2006) [Vospominanija ob Ester Ojtozi]. In: Pravoslavnaâ kul'tura včera i segodnâ. Fontes Slavia Orthodoxa (2). Centrum Badań Europy Wschodniej Uniwersytetu Warmińsko-Mazurskiego W Olsztynie, Olsztyn, pp. 347-360. ISBN 978-83-61605-50-8


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Esther Ojtozi (1935-2006) was an archaeologist, bibliographer and historian of the Church. She is mainly one of the most prominent people in the field of old printed book as in Hungary as in Europe. She reconstructed the former library of Basilian Order in Mariapovch (East Hungary). It was and has been the most popular pilgrimage center in Eastern Hungary and was of a special significance for the culture of four countries. Because of the Communist destruction of Church treasures, this book- collection was distributed to various state and municipal private collections. Then Ojtozi not only compiled an inventor of this destroyed library, but also collected the lion's share of books in the "University And National Library of Hungary" in Debrecen. She identified rare copies, according to sources in the archives she drew the path and migration of liturgical books on the territory of the former Hungarian Kingdom. Then similar work was produced by her about further different book- colections, too. A significant step of her that she raised the Hungarian science of early printed books to the level of international annotated bibliographic works, in the spirit of the works of Nemirovsky in Moscow, with whom she kept also personal connection. Deserves attention that she made a significant correction to views by Anthony Hodinka, who maintained that the lion's share of liturgical books at the Ruthenian parishes was imported from Moscow "Printing courtyard" Typography, while in reality, the biggest share of the books - of Ukrainian origin. Appreciated her findings the famous Ukrainian expert, member of the Academy, Yaroslav Isayevich, too, who invited her to Lviv and there she did researches for two months. Drew Ojtozi not only the migration of books, but also characterized the role of books in the life of the monks, in their learning, worship, spiritual practice and working with spiritual care of the pilgrims. - In these synthetic studies, she included other libraries, too, such as that of the Theological Academy of the Greek Catholic diocese, and others. Deserve attention, her works on the Western early printed books of the Latin alphabet, too, equal in size and importance with the writings in Cyrillic books (an overview is given in this paper). - At the beginning of career she was engaged in archeology of Udmurtia. Together with other co-authors, she published a solid monograph on the grave in Nevolino, which gained excellent reviews and became a reference book of historians and archaeologists of Udmurtia.

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