Review paper: Application of the Pulsed Eddy Current Technique to Inspect Pipelines of Nuclear Plants

Park, D. G. and Angani, C. S. and Kishore, M. B. and Vértesy, Gábor and Lee, D. H. (2013) Review paper: Application of the Pulsed Eddy Current Technique to Inspect Pipelines of Nuclear Plants. Journal of Magnetics, 18 (3). pp. 342-347. ISSN 1226-1750


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Local wall thinning in pipelines affects the structural integrity of industries, such as nuclear power plants (NPPs). In the present study, a development of pulsed eddy current (PEC) technology that detects the wall thinning of pipelines covered with insulation is reviewed. The methods and experimental results, which have two kinds of probe with a single and double core, were compared. For this purpose, the single and double core probes having one and two excitation coils have been devised, and the differential probe with two Hall sensors has been fabricated to measure the wall thinning in insulated pipelines. The test sample is a stainless steel having different thickness, laminated by plastic insulation to simulate the pipelines in NPPs. The excitation coils in the probe is driven by a rectangular current pulse, the difference of two Hall sensors has been measured as a resultant PEC signal. The peak value of the detected signal is used to describe the wall thinning. The double core probe has better performance to detect the wall thinning covered with insulation; the single core probe can detect the wall thinning up to an insulation thickness of 18 mm, whereas the double probe can detect up to 25 mm. The results show that the double core PEC probe has the potential to detect the wall thinning in an insulated pipeline of the NPPs.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: NDE; COIL; AIRCRAFT; STAINLESS-STEEL; CURRENT RESPONSE; THICKNESS VARIATION; CURRENT PROBE; insulation; wall thinning; double core probe; single core probe; Pulsed eddy current (PEC)
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