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Benkő, József and Szabó, Róbert and Derekas, Aliz and Sódor, Ádám (2016) Finest light curve details, physical parameters, and period fluctuations of CoRoT RR Lyrae stars. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Derekas, A. and Plachy, Emese and Molnár, László and Sódor, Ádám and Benkő, József and Szabados, László and Bognár, Zsófia and Csak, B. and Szabó, M. Gy. and Szabó, Róbert and Pál, András (2015) The Kepler Cepheid V1154 Cyg revisited. (Unpublished)

Benkő, József and Plachy, Emese and Szabó, Róbert and Molnár, László and Kolláth, Zoltán (2014) LONG-TIMESCALE BEHAVIOR OF THE BLAZHKO EFFECT FROM RECTIFIED KEPLER DATA. Astrophysical Journal Supplement, 213. p. 31.

Plachy, Emese and Benkő, József and Kolláth, Zoltán and Molnár, László and Szabó, Róbert (2014) Nonlinear dynamical analysis of the Blazhko effect with the Kepler space telescope: the case of V783 Cyg. MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 445 (3). pp. 2810-2817. ISSN 0035-8711

Szabó, Róbert and Benkő, József and Paparó, Margit (2014) Revisiting CoRoT RR Lyrae stars: detection of period doubling and temporal variation of additional frequencies. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 570. A100. ISSN 0004-6361

Derekas, A. and Kiss, L. L. and Borkovits, T. and Huber, D. and Lehmann, H. and Southworth, J. and Bedding, T. R. and Balam, D. and Hartmann, M. and Hrudkova, M. and Ireland, M.J. and Kovács, J. and Mező, Gy. and Moór, A. and Niemczura, E. and Sarty, G.E. and Szabó, Gy. M. and Telting, J.H. and Tkachenko, A. and Uytterhoeven, K. and Benkő, József and Bryson, S.T. and Maestro, V and Simon, A. E. and Stello, D. and Schaefer, G and Aerts, C. and ten Brummelaar, T.A. and De Cat, P. and McAlister, H.A. and Maceroni, C and Merand, A. and Still, M and Sturmann, J. and Sturmann, L. and Turner, N. and Tuthill, P.G. and Christensen-Dalsgaard, J. and Gilliland, R.L. and Kjeldsen, H. and Quintana, E.V. and Tenenbaum, P. and Twicken, J.D. (2011) HD 181068: A Red Giant in a Triply-Eclipsing Compact Hierarchical Triple System. Science, 332 (6026). p. 216.


Jurcsik, Johanna and Benkő, József and Fűrész, Gábor and Kővári, Zsolt and Oláh, Katalin Ilona and Szeidl, Béla (2007) Csillagok emberi időskálán megfigyelhető ciklikus változásai = Stellar cycles observable on human time scale. Project Report. OTKA.

Conference or Workshop Item

Benkő, József and Szabó, Róbert (2014) Are RRab stars fully radial? In: IAU Symposium No. 301. "Precision Asteroseismology. Celebration of the Scientific Opus of Wojtek Dziembowski", 19-23 August, 2013, Wroclaw, Poland.

Molnár, László and Benkő, József and Szabó, Róbert and Kolláth, Zoltán (2014) Kepler RR Lyrae stars: beyond period doubling. In: IAU Symposium No. 301. "Precision Asteroseismology. Celebration of the Scientific Opus of Wojtek Dziembowski", 19-23 August, 2013, Wroclaw, Poland.

Benkő, József (2010) Hosszú idősorok vizsgálata – avagy mit tanultunk eddig a CoRoT-adatokról? In: Űrcsillagászat Magyarországon, 2009.10.19, ELTE.

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