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Simon, Edina and Harangi, Sándor and Fehérné Baranyai, Edina and Braun, Mihály and Fábián, István and Mizser, Szabolcs and Nagy, Leila and Tóthmérész, Béla (2016) Distribution of toxic elements between biotic and abiotic components of terrestrial ecosystem along an urbanization gradient: Soil, leaf litter and ground beetles. ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS, 60. pp. 258-264. ISSN 1470-160X

Túri, Marianna and Palcsu, László and Papp, László and Horváth, Anikó and Futó, István and Molnár, József and Rinyu, László and Janovics, Róbert and Braun, Mihály and Hubay, Katalin and Kis, Boglárka Mercédesz and Koltay, Gabriella (2016) Isotope Characteristics of the water and sediment in volcanic lake Saint Ana, East-Carpathians, Romania. CARPATHIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, 11 (2). pp. 475-484. ISSN 1842-4090

Pál, Ilona and Magyari, Enikő Katalin and Braun, Mihály and Vincze, Ildikó and Pálfy, József and Buczkó, Krisztina (2016) Small-scale moisture availability increase during the 8.2-ka climatic event inferred from biotic proxy records in the South Carpathians (SE Romania). HOLOCENE, 26 (9). pp. 1382-1396. ISSN 0959-6836

Tóth, Mónika and Magyari, Enikő Katalin and Buczkó, Krisztina and Braun, Mihály and Panagiotopoulos, Konstantinos (2015) Chironomid-inferred Holocene temperature changes in the South Carpathians (Romania). HOLOCENE, 25 (4). pp. 569-582. ISSN 0959-6836

Balogh, Zsuzsanna and Gyulai, István and Fehérné Baranyai, Edina and Hubay, Katalin and Harangi, Sándor and Kundrát, János Tamás and Braun, Mihály and Korponai, János and Simon, Edina (2014) Holtmedrek toxikus elemtartalmának vizsgálata üledékminták alapján. HIDROLÓGIAI KÖZLÖNY, 94 (5-6). pp. 18-20. ISSN 0018-1323

Magyari, Enikő Katalin and Kuneš, Petr and Jakab, Gusztáv and Sümegi, Pál and Pelánková, Barbora and Schäbitz, Frank and Braun, Mihály and Chytrý, Milan (2014) Late Pleniglacial vegetation in eastern-central Europe: are there modern analogues in Siberia? Quaternary Science Reviews, 95. pp. 60-79. ISSN 02773791

Buczkó, Krisztina and Magyari, Enikő Katalin and Braun, Mihály and Bálint, Miklós (2013) Diatom-inferred lateglacial and Holocene climatic variability in the South Carpathian Mountains (Romania). Quaternary International, 293. pp. 123-135. ISSN 10406182

Karátson, Dávid and Telbisz, Tamás and Harangi, Szabolcs and Magyari, Enikő and Dunkl, István and Kiss, Balázs and Jánosi, Csaba and Veres, Daniel and Braun, Mihály and Fodor, Emőke and Biró, Tamás and Kósik, Szabolcs and von Eynatten, Hilmar and Lin, Ding (2013) Morphometrical and geochronological constraints on the youngest eruptive activity in East-Central Europe at the Ciomadul (Csomád) lava dome complex, East Carpathians. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 255. pp. 43-56. ISSN 0377-0273

Buczkó, Krisztina and Magyari, Enikő and Hübener, Thomas and Braun, Mihály and Bálint, Miklós and Tóth, Mónika and Lotter, André F. (2012) Responses of diatoms to the Younger Dryas climatic reversal in a South Carpathian mountain lake (Romania). Journal of Paleolimnology, 48 (2). pp. 417-431. ISSN 0921-2728

Tóth, Mónika and Magyari, Enikő K. and Brooks, Stephen J. and Braun, Mihály and Buczkó, Krisztina and Bálint, Miklós and Heiri, Oliver (2012) A chironomid-based reconstruction of late glacial summer temperatures in the southern Carpathians (Romania). Quaternary Research, 77 (1). pp. 122-131. ISSN 0033-5894

Simon, Edina and Braun, Mihály and Tóthmérész, Béla (2010) Non-destructive Method of Frog (Rana esculenta L.) Skeleton Elemental Analysis Used During Environmental Assessment. WATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION, 209 (1-4). pp. 467-471. ISSN 0049-6979

Korponai, János and Braun, Mihály and Forró, László (2010) Sekély vízterek mikroszkópikus rákközösségeinek vizsgálata és paleoökológiai rekonstrukciója = Microcrustacean community structure and its paleoecological reconstruction in shallow waters. Project Report. OTKA.

Buczkó, Krisztina and Magyari, Enikő K. and Soróczki-Pintér, Éva and Hubay, Katalin and Braun, Mihály and Bálint, Miklós (2009) Diatom-based evidence for abrupt climate changes during the Late Glacial in the Southern Carpathian Mountains. Central European Geology, 52 (3-4). pp. 249-268. ISSN 1788-2281

Buczkó, Krisztina and Magyari, Enikő Katalin and Braun, Mihály and Bálint, M. (2009) Late Glacial and Holocene diatoms from glacial lake Taul dintre Brazi, Retezat Mts, Romania. In: The joint 40th Meeting of the Dutch-Flemish Society of Diatomists (NVKD) and 3rd Cetral Europen Diatom Meeting (CE-DiatoM), 2009.03.26-2009.03.29, Utrecht.

Magyari, Enikő K. and Braun, Mihály and Buczkó, Krisztina and Kern, Zoltán and László, Péter and Hubay, Katalin and Bálint, Miklós (2009) Radiocarbon chronology of glacial lake sediments in the Retezat Mts (South Carpathians, Romania): a window to Late Glacial and Holocene climatic and paleoenvironmental changes. Central European Geology, 52 (3-4). pp. 225-248. ISSN 1788-2281

Braun, Mihály and Simon, Edina and Fábián, István and Tóthmérész, Béla (2009) The effects of ethylene glycol and ethanol on the body mass and elemental composition of insects collected with pitfall traps. CHEMOSPHERE, 77 (10). pp. 1447-1452. ISSN 0045-6535

Posta, József and Braun, Mihály and Gáspár, Attila (2007) Kromatográfiás, kapilláris elektroforetikus és termikus módszerek kidolgozása biológiai és környezeti minták speciációs analízisére = Development of chromatographic, capillary electrophoretic and thermochemical methods for speciation analysis of biological and environmental samples. Project Report. OTKA.

Magyari, Enikő Katalin and Buczkó, Krisztina and Jakab, Gusztáv and Braun, Mihály and Szántó Andrea, Zsuzsanna and Molnár, Mihály and Karátson, Dávid (2006) Holocene environmental history and palaeohydrology in the South Hargita Mountains, Romania. FÖLDTANI KÖZLÖNY, 136 (2). pp. 249-284. ISSN 0015-542X

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