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Menyhárt, Ákos and Zölei-Szénási, Dániel and Puskás, Tamás and Makra, Péter and Bari, Ferenc and Farkas, Eszter (2017) Age or ischemia uncouples the blood flow response, tissue acidosis, and direct current potential signature of spreading depolarization in the rat brain. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-HEART AND CIRCULATORY PHYSIOLOGY, 313 (2). H328-H337. ISSN 0363-6135

Ungvári, Zoltán and Tarantini, S. and Hertelendy, Péter and Valcarcel-Ares, M. N. and Fülöp, G. A. and Farkas, Eszter (2017) Cerebromicrovascular dysfunction predicts cognitive decline and gait abnormalities in a mouse model of whole brain irradiation-induced accelerated brain senescence. GEROSCIENCE: OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN AGING ASSOCIATION (AGE), 39 (1). pp. 33-42. ISSN 2509-2715

Menyhárt, Ákos and Zolei-Szenasi, D. and Puskás, Tamás and Makra, Péter and M. Tóth, Orsolya and Farkas, Eszter (2017) Spreading depolarization remarkably exacerbates ischemia-induced tissue acidosis in the young and aged rat brain. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 (1). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2045-2322

Varga, Dániel Péter and Menyhárt, Ákos and Puskás, Tamás and Bari, Ferenc and Farkas, Eszter and Kis, Zsolt and Vécsei, László and Toldi, József and Gellért, Levente (2017) Systemic administration of l-kynurenine sulfate induces cerebral hypoperfusion transients in adult C57Bl/6 mice. MICROVASCULAR RESEARCH, 114. pp. 19-25. ISSN 0026-2862

Hertelendy, Péter and Menyhárt, Ákos and Makra, Péter and Süle, Zoltán and Kiss, Tamás and Bari, Ferenc and Farkas, Eszter (2016) Advancing age and ischemia elevate the electric threshold to elicit spreading depolarization in the cerebral cortex of young adult rats. JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM. 10.1177/0271678X16643735. ISSN 0271-678X

Varga, Dániel Péter and Puskás, T. and Menyhárt, A. and Hertelendy, P. and Zolei-Szenasi, D. and Farkas, Eszter (2016) Contribution of prostanoid signaling to the evolution of spreading depolarization and the associated cerebral blood flow response. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6. pp. 31402-31412. ISSN 2045-2322

Dreier, JP. and Fabricius, M. and Ayata, C. and Sakowitz, OW. and Shuttleworth C., William and Farkas, Eszter (2016) Recording, analysis, and interpretation of spreading depolarizations in neurointensive care: Review and recommendations of the COSBID research group. JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM, in pre. pii: 0271678X16654496. ISSN 0271-678X

Tóth, Péter József and Szarka, Nikolett and Farkas, Eszter and Ezer, Erzsébet and Czeiter, Endre and Amrein, Krisztina and Büki, András (2016) Traumatic brain injury-induced autoregulatory dysfunction and spreading depression-related neurovascular uncoupling: pathomechanism and therapeutic implications. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY: HEART AND CIRCULATORY PHYSIOLOGY. ISSN 0363-6135

Hartings, J. A. and Shuttleworth, C. W. and Kirov, S. A. and Ayata, C. and Hinzman, J. M. and Farkas, Eszter (2016) The continuum of spreading depolarizations in acute cortical lesion development: Examining Leao's legacy. JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM. pii: 0271678X16654495. ISSN 0271-678X

Menyhárt, Ákos and Makra, Péter and Szepes, B. T. and Tóth, O. M. and Hertelendy, Péter and Bari, Ferenc and Farkas, Eszter (2015) High incidence of adverse cerebral blood flow responses to spreading depolarization in the aged ischemic rat brain. NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING: AGE-RELATED PHENOMENA NEURODEGENERATION AND NEUROPATHOLOGY, 36 (12). pp. 3269-3277. ISSN 0197-4580

Tóth, Péter József and Tarantini, S. and Ashpole, N. M. and Tucsek, Z. and Milne, G. L. and Menyhárt, Ákos and Farkas, Eszter and Csiszár, Anna and Ungvári, Zoltán István (2015) IGF-1 deficiency impairs neurovascular coupling in mice: implications for cerebromicrovascular aging. AGING CELL, 14 (6). pp. 1034-1044. ISSN 1474-9718

Di Marco, Luigi Yuri and Farkas, Eszter and Martin, Chris and Venneri, Annalena and Frangi, Alejandro F. (2015) Is Vasomotion in Cerebral Arteries Impaired in Alzheimer's Disease? JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE, 46 (1). pp. 35-53. ISSN 1387-2877

Tarantini, Stefano and Hertelendy, Péter and Tucsek, Zsuzsanna and Menyhárt, Ákos and Farkas, Eszter and Deák, Ferenc and Csiszár, Anna and Ungvári, Zoltán István and Tóth, Péter József (2015) Pharmacologically-induced neurovascular uncoupling is associated with cognitive impairment in mice. JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM, 35 (11). pp. 1871-1881. ISSN 0271-678X

Di Marco, Luigi Yuri and Venneri, Annalena and Farkas, Eszter and Evans, Paul C. and Marzo, Alberto (2015) Vascular dysfunction in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease - A review of endothelium-mediated mechanisms and ensuing vicious circles. NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE, 82. pp. 593-606. ISSN 0969-9961

Farkas, Eszter and Institoris, Ádám and Domoki, Ferenc and Mihály, András and Bari, Ferenc (2006) The effect of pre- and posttreatment with diazoxide on the early phase of chronic cerebral hypoperfusion in the rat. BRAIN RESEARCH, 1087 (1). pp. 168-174. ISSN 0006-8993

Farkas, Eszter and Timmer, N. M. and Domoki, Ferenc and Mihály, András and Bari, Ferenc (2005) Post-ischemic administration of diazoxide attenuates long-term microglial activation in the rat brain after permanent carotid artery occlusion. NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS, 387 (3). pp. 168-172. ISSN 0304-3940

Farkas, Eszter and Institoris, Ádám and Domoki, Ferenc and Mihály, András and Bari, Ferenc (2004) Diazoxide and dimethyl sulphoxide prevent cerebral hypoperfusion-related learning dysfunction and brain damage after carotid artery occlusion. BRAIN RESEARCH, 1008 (2). pp. 252-260. ISSN 0006-8993


Farkas, Eszter and Domoki, Ferenc and Geretovszkyné Varjú, Katalin and Institóris, Ádám and Lenti, Laura (2011) Peri-infarktus depolarizáció (PID) akut fokális agyi ischemiában = Peri-infarct depolarization (PID) in acute focal cerebral ischemia. Project Report. OTKA.

Bari, Ferenc and Annaházi, Anita and Domoki, Ferenc and Farkas, Eszter and Nagy, Krisztina (2010) Funkcionális és morfológiai változások jellemzése krónikus agyi hipoperfúzió során patkányban = Characterization of functional and morphological changes is the hypoperfused rat brain. Project Report. OTKA.

Farkas, Eszter and Égert, János and Krisztinné Péva, Beáta and Nagy, Krisztina (2007) Keringő beta-amyloid peptid hatása az agy vérellátására, és a vér-agy gát immunsejtekkel szembeni átjárhatóságára = The effect of circulating beta-amyloid peptide on cerebral blood flow, and blood-brain barrier permeability against immune cells. Project Report. OTKA.

Meszéna, Zsolt and Farkas, Eszter (2007) Molekulatömeg-eloszlás számítása és tervezése = Molecular weight distribution calculation and design. Project Report. OTKA.

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