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Pribér, János Krisztián and Fónai, Fruzsina and Jakus, Péter and Rácz, Boglárka and Chinopoulos, Christos and Tretter, László and Gallyas, Ferenc and Sümegi, Balázs and Veres, Balázs (2015) Cyclophilin D disruption attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory response in primary mouse macrophages. BIOCHEMISTRY AND CELL BIOLOGY-BIOCHIMIE ET BIOLOGIE CELLULAIRE, 93 (3). pp. 241-250. ISSN 0829-8211

Pál, József and Gallyas, Ferenc (2014) Mechanism of the “dark” axonal degeneration in the central nervous system. IDEGGYÓGYÁSZATI SZEMLE / CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE, 67 (9-10). pp. 323-330. ISSN 0019-1442

Deres, László and Bartha, E. and Palfi, A. and Erős, Krisztián and Riba, Ádám and Lantos, János and Kálai, Tamás and Hideg, Kálmán and Sümegi, Balázs and Gallyas, Ferenc and Tóth, Kálmán and Halmosi, Róbert (2014) PARP-Inhibitor Treatment Prevents Hypertension Induced Cardiac Remodeling by Favorable Modulation of Heat Shock Proteins, Akt-1/GSK-3beta and Several PKC Isoforms. PLOS ONE, 9 (7). e102148. ISSN 1932-6203

Magyar, Klára and Deres, László and Erős, Krisztián and Bruszt, Kitti and Seress, László and Hamar, János and Hideg, Kálmán and Balogh, András and Gallyas, Ferenc and Sümegi, Balázs and Tóth, Kálmán and Halmosi, Róbert (2014) A quinazoline-derivative compound with PARP inhibitory effect suppresses hypertension-induced vascular alterations in spontaneously hypertensive rats. BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR BASIS OF DISEASE, 1842 (7). pp. 935-944. ISSN 0925-4439

Bognár, Eszter and Sárszegi, Zsolt and Szabó, Alíz and Debreceni, Balázs and Kálmán, Nikoletta and Tucsek, Zsuzsanna and Sümegi, Balázs and Gallyas, Ferenc (2013) Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in RAW264.7 macrophages of malvidin, a major red wine polyphenol. PLOS ONE, 8 (6). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1932-6203

Crul, Tim and Tóth, Noémi and Piotto, Stefano and Literati-Nagy, Péter and Tory, Kálmán and Haldimann, Pierre and Kalmár, Bernadett and Török, Zsolt and Greensmith, Linda and Balogh, Gábor and Gombos, Imre and Nagy, Gábor and Gallyas, Ferenc and Berente, Zoltán and Péter, Mária and Glatz, Attila and Hunya, Ákos and Literati-Nagy, Zsuzsanna and Vígh, László Jr. and Korányi, László and Szilvássy, Zoltán and Mandl, József and Sümegi, Balázs and Horváth, Ibolya and Vígh, László (2013) Hydroximic acid derivatives : pleiotropic HSP co-inducers restoring homeostasis and robustness. CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN, 19 (3). pp. 309-46. ISSN 1381-6128

Kalmár-Nagy, Károly and Degrell, Péter and Szabó, Alíz and Sümegi, Katalin and Wittmann, István and Gallyas, Ferenc and Sümegi, Balázs (2013) PARP Inhibition Attenuates Acute Kidney Allograft Rejection by Suppressing Cell Death Pathways and Activating PI-3K-Akt Cascade. PLOS ONE, 8 (12). pp. 1-10. ISSN 1932-6203

Steier, Roy and Aradi, Mihály and Pál, József and Perlaki, Gábor and Orsi, Gergely and Bogner, Péter and Gallyas, Ferenc and Bukovics, Péter and Janszky, József and Dóczi, Tamás and Schwarcz, Attila (2011) A biexponential DWI study in rat brain intracellular oedema. European Journal of Radiology.

Pálffy, György and Poór, Gyula and Környey, Edith and Illés, Zsolt and Kopa, János and Kovács, Norbert and Barzó, Pál and Bereczki, Dániel and Bodosi, Mihály and Dóczi, Tamás Péter and Fekete, Sándor and Gallyas, Ferenc and Komoly, Sámuel and Szirmai, Imre (2011) Beszámoló a Környey Társaság 2011. évi tudományos üléséről - 1. rész. IDEGGYOGYASZATI SZEMLE-CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE, 64 (11-12). pp. 418-426. ISSN 0019-1442

Rácz, Boglárka and Horváth, Gabriella and Reglődi, Dóra and Gasz, Balázs and Kiss, Péter and Gallyas, Ferenc and Sümegi, Balázs and Tóth, Gábor and Németh, Adrienn and Lubics, Andrea and Tamás, Andrea (2010) PACAP ameliorates oxidative stress in the chicken inner ear: An in vitro study. Regulatory Peptides, 160 (1-3). pp. 91-98. ISSN 0167-0115

Gallyas, Ferenc and Pál, József and Bukovics, Péter (2009) Supravital microwave experiments support that the formation of “dark” neurons is propelled by phase transition in an intracellular gel system. Brain Research, 1270. pp. 152-156. ISSN 0006-8993

Bukovics, Péter and Pál, József and Gallyas, Ferenc (2008) Aldehyde fixation is not necessary for the formation of „dark” neurons. Acta Neuropathologica, 116 (4). pp. 463-464. ISSN 0001-6322

Tamás, Andrea and Rácz, Boglárka and Gallyas, Ferenc and Gasz, Balázs and Lubics, Andrea and Kiss, Péter and Rőth, Erzsébet and Tóth, Gábor and Lengvári, István and Reglődi, Dóra (2007) Effects of PACAP and survival-promoting signal transduction pathways in neuronal and nonneuronal cells. Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, 33 (3). pp. 331-332. ISSN 0895-8696, ESSN: 1559-1166

Rácz, Boglárka and Gallyas, Ferenc and Gasz, Balázs and Tamás, Andrea and Lubics, Andrea and Kiss, Péter and Rőth, Erzsébet and Tóth, Gábor and Lengvári, István and Hegyi, Orsolya and Wittmann, István and Reglődi, Dóra (2007) Effects of the neuropeptide PACAP on the survival of endothelial cells. IDEGGYÓGYÁSZATI SZEMLE / CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE, 60 (klsz 1). p. 54. ISSN 0019-1442

Gallyas, Ferenc and Gasz, Balázs and Szigeti, András and Mázló, Mária (2006) Pathological circumstances impair the ability of "dark" neurons to undergo spontaneous recovery. BRAIN RESEARCH, 1110 (1). pp. 211-220. ISSN 0006-8993

Mázló, Mária and Gasz, Balázs and Szigeti, András and Zsombok, Andrea and Gallyas, Ferenc (2004) Debris of "dark" (compacted) neurones are removed from an otherwise undamaged environment mainly by astrocytes via blood vessels. Journal of Neurocytology, 33 (5). pp. 557-567. ISSN 0300-4864, ESSN 1573-7381


Sümegi, Balázs and Bognár, Zita and Gallyas, Ferenc and Kovács, Krisztina and Ohmacht, Róbert and Rácz, Boglárka and Radnai, Balázs and Tucsek, Zsuzsanna and Veres, Balázs (2013) Új mechanizmusok azonosítása az oxidatív stressz indukálta mitokondrium-függő nekrotikus sejthalálban = Identification of novel mechanisms in the oxidative stress induced mitochondria-related necrotic cell death. Project Report. OTKA.

Illés, Zsolt and Gallyas, Ferenc and Gömöri, Éva and Pál, József and Sebok, Ágnes (2008) NKT sejt szubpopulációk és aktiválódás sclerosis multiplexben = NKT cell subsets and activation in patients with multiple sclerosis. Project Report. OTKA.

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