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Makovics-Zsohár, Noémi and Halász, Júlia (2016) Self-incompatibility system in polyploid fruit tree species- A review. The International Journal of Plant Reproductive Biology, 8 (1). (In Press)

Halász, Júlia and Kodad, Ossama and Ercisli, Sezai and Hegedűs, Attila (2015) Genetic characterization of almond (Prunus dulcis) cultivars and natural resources. In: XVI. GREMPA Meeting of the Mediterranean Research Group for Almond and Pistachio, 12-14 May 2015, Meknes (Morocco).

Halász, Júlia and Kodad, Ossama and Hegedűs, Attila (2014) A recently active Prunus-specific Mutator transposable element induced self-incompatibility in apricot. In: III. Global Congress Plant Reproductive Biology, Conservation and Crop Improvement, Sporophytic & Gametophytic self-incompatibility, 15 - 17th December, 2014, AGRA, INDIA.

Halász, Júlia and Kodad, Ossama and Hegedűs, Attila (2014) Identification of a recently active Prunus‐specific non‐autonomous Mutator element with considerable genome shaping force. Plant Journal, 79 (2). pp. 220-231. ISSN 0960-7412

Halász, Júlia and Kurilla, Anita and Hegedűs, Attila (2014) Preliminary characterization of the self-incompatibility genotypes of European plum (Prunus domestica L.) cultivars. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE, 3-4 (20). pp. 23-26. ISSN 1585-0404

Halász, Júlia (2014) S-locus genotyping on stone fruits in Hungary : a review of the most recent achievemnts. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE, 1-2 (20). pp. 39-43. ISSN 1585-0404

Halász, Júlia (2013) A kajszi- és mandula genetikai diverzitásának és termékenyülésének jellemzése, a magyar fajták eredetének molekuláris vizsgálata = Genetic diversity and self-(in)compatibility in apricot and almond and molecular analysis of the origin of Hungarian cultivars. Project Report. OTKA.

Halász, Júlia and Fodor, Ágota and Hegedus, Attila and Pedryc, Andrzej (2008) Identification of a new self-incompatibility allele (S31) in a Hungarian almond cultivar and its reliable detection. Scientia Horticulturae, 116 (4). pp. 448-451. ISSN 0304-4238

Halász, Júlia and Hegedűs, Attila and Szabó, Zoltán and Pedryc, Andrzej (2007) DNA-based S-genotyping of Japanese plum and pluot cultivars to clarify incompatibility relationships. HORTSCIENCE, 42 (1). pp. 46-50. ISSN 0018-5345

Hegedűs, Attila and Szabó, Zoltán and Nyeki, J. and Halász, Júlia and Pedryc, Andrzej (2006) Molecular analysis of S-haplotypes in peach, a self-compatible Prunus species. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE, 131 (6). pp. 738-743. ISSN 0003-1062

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