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Joles, Jaap A. and Szalay, Csaba Imre and Erdélyi, Katalin and Kökény, Gábor and Lajtár, Enikő and Godó, Mária and Révész, Csaba and Kaucsár, Tamás and Kiss, Norbert and Sárközy, Márta and Csont, Tamás and Krenács, Tibor and Szénási, Gábor and Pacher, Pál and Hamar, Péter (2015) Oxidative/Nitrative Stress and Inflammation Drive Progression of Doxorubicin-Induced Renal Fibrosis in Rats as Revealed by Comparing a Normal and a Fibrosis-Resistant Rat Strain. PLOS ONE, 10 (6). e0127090. ISSN 1932-6203

Masszi, Gabriella and Horváth, Eszter Mária and Tarszabó, Róbert and Benko, Rita and Novák, Ágnes and Buday, Anna and Tőkés, Anna-Mária and Nádasy, György László and Hamar, Péter and Benyó, Zoltán and Várbíró, Szabolcs (2013) Reduced estradiol-induced vasodilation and poly-(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) activity in the aortas of rats with experimental polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PLOS ONE. ISSN 1932-6203

Masszi, G. and Buday, A. and Novak, A. and Horváth, Eszter Mária and Tarszabo, R. and Sara, L. and Revesz, C. and Benko, Rita and Nádasy, György László and Benyó, Zoltán and Hamar, Péter and Várbíró, Szabolcs (2013) Altered insulin-induced relaxation of aortic rings in a dihydrotestosterone-induced rodent model of polycystic ovary syndrome. Fertility and sterility, 99 (2). pp. 574-578. ISSN 0015-0282, ESSN: 1556-5653

Masszi, G. and Benko, Rita and Csibi, N. and Horváth, Eszter Mária and Tőkés, Anna-Mária and Novak, A. and Béres, N. J. and Tarszabo, R. and Buday, A. and Répás, C. and Békési, Gábor and Patócs, Attila Balázs and Nádasy, György László and Hamar, Péter and Benyó, Zoltán and Várbíró, Szabolcs (2013) Endothelial relaxation mechanisms and nitrative stress are partly restored by Vitamin D3 therapy in a rat model of polycystic ovary syndrome. LIFE SCIENCES. ISSN 0024-3205

Sara, Levente and Antal, Péter and Masszi, Gabriella and Buday, Anna and Horváth, Eszter Mária and Hamar, Péter and Monos, Emil and Nádasy, György László and Várbíró, Szabolcs (2012) Arteriolar insulin resistance in a rat model of polycystic ovary syndrome. Fertility and sterility, 97 (2). pp. 462-468. ISSN 0015-0282, ESSN: 1556-5653

Hamar, Péter and Kökény, Gábor and Lipták, Péter and Mózes, Miklós and Német, Zalán and Rácz, Zsuzsanna and Song, Erwei (2009) Vese ischemia/reperfúziós károsodásának gátlása RNS interferencia segítségével = RNA interference (RNAi) to limit kidney ischemia/reperfusion injury. Project Report. OTKA.

Mócsai, Attila and Fodor, Szabina and Hamar, Péter and Jakus, Zoltán and Káldi, Krisztina (2008) Az egyes fehérjesejt-integrinek élettani szerepének vizsgálata génhiányos (knockout) egerek segítségével = the physiological role of individual leukocyte integrins studies using genetificient (knockout) mice. Project Report. OTKA.

Zenclussen, A. C. and Kökény, Gábor and Thimm, O. and Hamar, Péter (2008) Mechanisms behind flare of renal lupus during murine pregnancy. REPRODUCTIVE BIOMEDICINE ONLINE, 17 (1). pp. 114-126. ISSN 1472-6483

Godó, M. and Sessler, T. and Hamar, Péter (2008) Role of invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells in systemic lupus erythematosus. CURRENT MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 15 (18). pp. 1778-1787. ISSN 0929-8673

Rácz, Zsuzsanna and Hamar, Péter (2008) SiRNS-technológia, a jövő génterápiája? ORVOSI HETILAP, 149 (4). pp. 153-159. ISSN 0030-6002

Kökény, Gábor and Godó, M. and Nagy, E. and Bodor, Csaba and Rosivall, László and Hamar, Péter (2007) Skin disease is prevented but nephritis is accelerated by multiple pregnancies in autoimmune MRL/LPR mice. LUPUS, 16 (7). pp. 465-477. ISSN 0961-2033

Hamar, Péter and Kökény, Gábor and Liptak, P. (2007) The combination of ACE inhibition plus sympathetic denervation issuperior to ACE inhibitor monotherapy in the rat renal ablation model. NEPHRON EXPERIMENTAL NEPHROLOGY, 105 (4). E124-E136. ISSN 1660-2129

Bagi, Zs. and Hamar, Péter and Kardos, M. and Koller, Ákos (2006) Lack of flow mediated dilation and enhanced angiotensin II-induced constriction in skeletal muscle arterioles of lupus-prone autoimmune mice. Lupus, 15 (6). pp. 326-334. ISSN 0961-2033 (print), 1477-0962 (online)

Huber, W. and Eckel, F. and Hennig, M. and Rosenbrock, H. and Wacker, A. and Saur, D. and Sennefelder, A. and Hennico, R. and Schenk, C. and Meining, A. and Schmelz, R. and Fritsch, R. and Weiss, W. and Hamar, Péter and Heemann, U. and Schmid, R. M. (2006) Prophylaxis of Contrast Material-induced Nephropathy in Patients in Intensive Care: Acetylcysteine, Theophylline, or Both? A Randomized Study. Radiology, 239 (3). pp. 793-804. ISSN 0033-8419 (print), 1527-1315 (online)

Hamar, Péter and Lipták, Péter and Heemann, Uwe and Iványi, Béla (2005) Ultrastructural analysis of the Fisher to Lewis rat model of chronic allograft nephropathy. Transplant International, 18 (7). pp. 863-870. ISSN 0934-0874 (print), 1432-2277 (online)

Lutz, Jens and Yao, Yousheng and Song, Erwei and Antus, Balázs and Hamar, Péter and Liu, Shanying and Heemann, Uwe (2005) Inhibition of Matrix Metalloproteinases During Chronic Allograft Nephropathy in Rats. Transplantation, 79 (6). pp. 655-661. ISSN 0041-1337

Yao, H. and Song, E. and Chen, J. and Hamar, Péter (2004) Expression of FAP-1 by human colon adenocarcinoma: implication for resistance against Fas-mediated apoptosis in cancer. British Journal of Cancer, 91 (9). pp. 1718-1725. ISSN 0007-0920

Hamar, Péter and Song, E. and Kökény, Gábor and Chen, A. and Ouyang, N. and Liebermann, J. (2004) Small interfering RNA targeting Fas protects mice against renal ischemia-reperfusion injury. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 101 (41). pp. 14883-14888. ISSN 0027-8424

Gross, Marie-Luise and Adamczak, Marcin and Rabe, Thomas and Harbi, Nevin Ali and Krtil, Jan and Koch, Andreas and Hamar, Péter and Amann, Kerstin and Ritz, Eberhard (2004) Beneficial Effects of Estrogens on Indices of Renal Damage in Uninephrectomized SHRsp Rats. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 15 (2). pp. 348-358. ISSN 1046-6673

Su, Fengxi and Hu, Xiaoqu and Jia, Weijuan and Gong, Chang and Song, Erwei and Hamar, Péter (2003) Glutathion s transferase π indicates chemotherapy resistance in breast cancer. Journal of Surgical Research, 113 (1). pp. 102-108. ISSN 00224804

Hamar, Péter and Szabó, Attila József and Müller, Veronika and Heemann, Uwe (2002) The involvement of activated T cells and growth-factor production in the early and late phase of chronic kidney allograft nephropathy in rats. Transplant international : official journal of the European Society for Organ Transplantation, 15 (9-10). pp. 446-54. ISSN 0934-0874

Hamar, Péter and Szabó, Attila József and Müller, Veronika and Heemann, Uwe (2001) Involvement of interleukin-2 and growth factors in chronic kidney allograft rejection in rats. In: 4th International Conference on New Trends in Clinical and Experimental Immunosuppression, 2000. február 17-20., GENEVA, SWITZERLAND.

Losonczy, György and Kriston, Tünde and Szabó, Attila József and Müller, Veronika and Harvey, J. and Hamar, Péter and Heemann, Uwe and Baylis, C. (2000) Male gender predisposes to development of endotoxic shock in the rat. Cardiovascular Research, 47 (1). pp. 183-191. ISSN 00086363

Szabó, Attila József and Lutz, Jens and Schleimer, Karina and Antus, Balázs and Hamar, Péter and Philipp, Thomas and Heemann, Uwe (2000) Effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition on growth factor mRNA in chronic renal allograft rejection in the rat. Kidney International, 57 (3). pp. 982-991. ISSN 0085-2538

Heemann, Uwe and Szabó, Attila József and Hamar, Péter and Müller, Veronika and Witzke, Oliver and Lutz, Jens and Philipp, Thomas (2000) Lipopolysaccharide Pretreatment Protects from Renal Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury. The American Journal of Pathology, 156 (1). pp. 287-293. ISSN 00029440

Müller, Veronika and Hamar, Péter and Szabó, Attila József and Vogelsang, Magdalene and Philipp, Thomas and Heemann, Uwe (1999) In vivo migration of lymphocytes in chronically rejecting rat kidney allografts. Transplant International, 12 (2). pp. 145-151. ISSN 0934-0874

Müller, Veronika and Hamar, Péter and Szabó, Attila József and Knust, E. and Vogelsang, Magdalene and Heemann, Uwe (1998) Effect of mycophenolate mofetil on the in vivo infiltration of lymphocytes in the rat remnant kidney. Transplantation proceedings, 30 (4). p. 982. ISSN 0041-1345

Peti-Peterdi, János and Hamar, Péter and Kovács, G. and Rosivall, László (1998) Direct in vivo measurement of gastric microvascular pressures in the rat. MICROVASCULAR RESEARCH, 55 (3). pp. 223-229. ISSN 0026-2862

Schleimer, K. and Szabó, Attila and Müller, Veronika and Hamar, Péter and Heemann, U. and Eigler, F. W. (1997) Einfluss des ACE-Hemmers Enalapril auf die Entstehung einer chronischen Abstossung nach orthotoper Rattennierentransplantation | Influence of the ace-inhibitor enalapril on the development of chronic rejection after orthotopic renal transplantation in the rat. Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery, 114. pp. 279-283. ISSN 1435-2443 (print), 1435-2451 (online)

Becker, G. and Witzke, O. and Baltes, A. and Hamar, Péter and Philipp, T. and Heemann, Uwe (1996) Diltiazem minimizes tubular damage due to FK506-mediated nephrotoxicity following ischemia and reperfusion in rats. Transplant immunology, 4 (1). pp. 68-71. ISSN 0966-3274

Heemann, Uwe and Azuma, H. and Hamar, Péter and Schmid, C. and Tilney, N. and Philipp, T. (1996) Mycophenolate mofetil inhibits lymphocyte binding and the upregulation of adhesion molecules in acute rejection of rat kidney allografts. Transplant immunology, 4 (1). pp. 64-7. ISSN 0966-3274

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