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Szots, Monika and Blaabjerg, Morten and Orsi, Gergely and Iversen, Pernille and Kondziella, Daniel and Madsen, Camilla G. and Garde, Ellen and Magnusson, Peter and Barsi, Péter and Nagy, Ferenc and Siebner, Hartwig R. and Illés, Zsolt (2017) Global brain atrophy and metabolic dysfunction in LGI1 encephalitis: A prospective multimodal MRI study. JOURNAL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES (376). pp. 159-165. ISSN 0022-510X

Erdélyi-Bótor, Szilvia and Komaromy, Hedvig and Kamson, David Olayinka and Kovács, Norbert and Perlaki, Gábor and Orsi, Gergely and Molnár, Tihamér and Illés, Zsolt and Nagy, Lajos and Kéki, Sándor and Deli, Gabriella and Bosnyák, Edit and Trauninger, Anita and Pfund, Zoltán (2016) Serum L-arginine and Dimethylarginine Levels in Migraine Patients with Brain White Matter Lesions. CEPHALALGIA. pp. 1-29. ISSN 0333-1024

Orsi, Gergely and Aradi, Mihály and Nagy, Szilvia Anett and Perlaki, Gábor and Trauninger, Anita and Bogner, Péter and Janszky, József and Illés, Zsolt and Dóczi, Tamás and Pfund, Zoltán and Schwarcz, Attila (2015) Differentiating white matter lesions in multiple sclerosis and migraine using monoexponential and biexponential diffusion measurements. Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI, 41. pp. 676-683. ISSN 1522-2586

Meggyes, Mátyás and Lajkó, Adrienn and Palkovics, Tamás and Tótsimon, Anett and Illés, Zsolt and Szereday, László and Mikó, Éva (2015) Feto-maternal immune regulation by TIM-3/galectin-9 pathway and PD-1 molecule in mice at day 14.5 of pregnancy. Placenta. ISSN 0143-4004, ESSN: 1532-3102

Meggyes, Mátyás and Mikó, Éva and Polgár, Beáta and Bogár, Barbara and Farkas, Bálint and Illés, Zsolt and Szereday, László (2014) Peripheral blood TIM-3 positive NK and CD8+ T cells throughout pregnancy : TIM-3/galectin-9 interaction and its possible role during pregnancy. PLOS ONE, 9 (3). e92371. ISSN 1932-6203

Mikó, Éva and Meggyes, Mátyás and Bogár, Barbara and Schmitz, Nora and Barakonyi, Aliz and Varnagy, Ákos and Farkas, Bálint and Tamás, Péter and Bódis, József and Szekeres-Bartho, Júlia and Illés, Zsolt and Szereday, László (2013) Involvement of Galectin-9/TIM-3 pathway in the systemic inflammatory response in early-onset preeclampsia. PLOS ONE, 8 (8). pp. 1-9. ISSN 1932-6203

Illés, Zsolt and Bánáti, Miklós János and Komoly, Sámuel and Molnár, Viktor and Pál, Endre and Pál, József and Palkovits, Miklós and Szereday, László and Vincze, András (2013) Reguláló RNS és génexpressziós profil központi idegrendszeri demyelinisatióban: sclerosis multiplex vonatkozások = Regulatory RNA and gene expression profiling in demyelination and remyelination of the central nervous system: implications to multiple sclerosis. Project Report. OTKA.

Kamson Olayinka, David and Illés, Zsolt and Aradi, Mihály and Orsi, Gergely and Perlaki, Gabor and Leél-Őssy, Eszter and Erdélyi-Bótor, Szilvia and Pótó, László and Trauninger, Anita and Pfund, Zoltán (2012) Volumetric comparisons of supratentorial white matter hyperintensities on FLAIR MRI in patients with migraine and multiple sceloris. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, 19 (5). pp. 696-701. ISSN 0967-5868

Pálffy, György and Poór, Gyula and Környey, Edith and Illés, Zsolt and Kopa, János and Kovács, Norbert and Barzó, Pál and Bereczki, Dániel and Bodosi, Mihály and Dóczi, Tamás Péter and Fekete, Sándor and Gallyas, Ferenc and Komoly, Sámuel and Szirmai, Imre (2011) Beszámoló a Környey Társaság 2011. évi tudományos üléséről - 1. rész. IDEGGYOGYASZATI SZEMLE-CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE, 64 (11-12). pp. 418-426. ISSN 0019-1442

Illés, Zsolt and Gallyas, Ferenc and Gömöri, Éva and Pál, József and Sebok, Ágnes (2008) NKT sejt szubpopulációk és aktiválódás sclerosis multiplexben = NKT cell subsets and activation in patients with multiple sclerosis. Project Report. OTKA.

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