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Du, Kai and Wu, Yu-Wei and Lindroos, Robert and Liu, Yu and Rózsa, Balázs and Katona, Gergely and Ding, Jun B. and Kotaleski, Jeanette Hellgren (2017) Cell-type-specific inhibition of the dendritic plateau potential in striatal spiny projection neurons. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 114 (36). E7612-E7621. ISSN 0027-8424

Szalay, Gergely and Judák, Linda and Katona, Gergely and Ócsai, Katalin and Juhász, Gábor and Veress, Máté and Szadai, Zoltán and Fehér, András and Tompa, Tamás and Chiovini, Balázs and Maák, Pál and Rózsa, Balázs (2016) Fast 3D Imaging of Spine, Dendritic, and Neuronal Assemblies in Behaving Animals. NEURON, 92 (4). pp. 723-738. ISSN 0896-6273

Szalay, Gergely and Martinecz, Bernadett and Lénárt, Nikolett and Környei, Zsuzsanna and Orsolits, Barbara and Judák, Linda and Császár, Eszter and Fekete, Rebeka and West, Brian L. and Katona, Gergely and Rózsa, Balázs and Dénes, Ádám (2016) Microglia protect against brain injury and their selective elimination dysregulates neuronal network activity after stroke. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. pp. 1-13. ISSN 2041-1723

Chiovini, Balázs and Turi, Gergely F. and Katona, Gergely and Kaszás, Attila and Pálfi, Dénes and Maák, Pál and Szalay, Gergely and Szabó, Mátyás Forián and Szabó, Gábor and Szadai, Zoltán and Káli, Szabolcs and Rózsa, Balázs (2014) Dendritic Spikes Induce Ripples in Parvalbumin Interneurons during Hippocampal Sharp Waves. NEURON, 82 (4). pp. 908-924. ISSN 0896-6273

Tønnesen, Jan and Katona, Gergely and Rózsa, Balázs and Nägerl, U Valentin (2014) Spine neck plasticity regulates compartmentalization of synapses. Nature Neuroscience, 17 (5). pp. 678-685. ISSN 1097-6256

Katona, Gergely and Szalay, Gergely and Maák, Pál and Kaszás, Attila and Veress, Máté and Hillier, Dániel and Chiovini, Balázs and Vizi, E Sylvester and Roska, Botond and Rózsa, Balázs (2012) Fast two-photon in vivo imaging with three-dimensional random-access scanning in large tissue volumes. NATURE METHODS, 9 (2). pp. 201-208. ISSN 1548-7091

Katona, Gergely and Kaszás, Attila and Turi, Gergely F. and Hájos, Norbert and Tamás, Gábor and Vizi, E. Sylvester and Rózsa, Balázs (2011) Roller Coaster Scanning reveals spontaneous triggering of dendritic spikes in CA1 interneurons. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108 (5). pp. 2148-2153. ISSN 0027-8424

Chiovini, Balázs and Turi, Gergely F. and Katona, Gergely and Kaszás, Attila and Erdélyi, Ferenc and Szabó, Gábor and Monyer, Hannah and Csákányi, Attila and Vizi, E. Sylvester and Rózsa, Balázs (2010) Enhanced Dendritic Action Potential Backpropagation in Parvalbumin-positive Basket Cells During Sharp Wave Activity. Neurochemical Research, 35 (12). pp. 2086-2095. ISSN 0364-3190

Rózsa, Balázs and Katona, Gergely and Vizi, Sylvester and Várallyay, Zoltán and Sághy, Attila and Valenta, Lásló and Maák, Pál and Fekete, Júlia and Bányász, Ákos and Szipőcs, Róbert (2007) Random access three-dimensional two-photon microscopy. APPLIED OPTICS, 46 (10). pp. 1860-1865. ISSN 1559-128X

Lőrincz, Andrea and Rózsa, Balázs and Katona, Gergely and Vizi, E. Sylvester and Tamás, Gábor (2007) Differential distribution of NCX1 contributes to spine–dendrite compartmentalization in CA1 pyramidal cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. pp. 1033-1038. ISSN 0027-8424

Book Section

Rózsa, Balázs and Gergely, Szalay and Gergely, Katona (2016) Acousto-optical Scanning–Based High- Speed 3D Two-Photon Imaging in Vivo. In: Advanced Patch-Clamp Analysis for Neuroscientists. Neuromethods . Springer, pp. 51-61. ISBN 978-1-4939-3411-9


Vizi E., Szilveszter and Fekete, Ádám and Humli, Viktória and Kaszás, Attila and Katona, Gergely and Kisfali, Máté and Kiss, János and Lendvai, Balázs and Lőrincz, Tibor and Mike, Árpád and Pesti, Krisztina and Rózsa, Balázs and Szabó, Szilárd and Szász, Bernadett and Zelles, Tibor (2012) A nemszinaptikus nikotinikus acetilkolin és NMDA receptorok szerepe élettani körülmények között és pathológiás állapotokban = Role of nonsynaptic nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and NMDA receptors in physiological and pathophysiological conditions. Project Report. OTKA.

Lendvai, Balázs and Zelles, Tibor and Rózsa, Balázs and Vizi E., Szilveszter (2006) Preszinaptikus moduláció megfigyelése 2-foton képalkotással = 2-photon imaging of presynaptic modulation. Project Report. OTKA.

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