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Palkó, Roberta and Egyed, Orsolya and Rokob, Tibor András and Bombicz, Petra and Riedl, Zsuzsanna and Hajós, György (2015) Transformation of zwitterionic pyridine derivatives to a spiro fused ring system: azoniabenzo[de]fluorine. Synthesis and mechanistic rationalization. The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 80 (1). pp. 174-179. ISSN 0022-3263

Spengler, Gabriella and Takács, Daniella and Horváth, Ádám and Szabó, Ágnes Míra and Riedl, Zsuzsanna and Hajós, György and Molnár, József and Burián, Katalin (2014) Efflux Pump Inhibiting Properties of Racemic Phenothiazine Derivatives and their Enantiomers on the Bacterial AcrAB-TolC System. In Vivo, 28 (6). pp. 1071-1075. ISSN 0258-851X

Spengler, Gabriella and Takács, Daniella and Horváth, Ádám and Riedl, Zsuzsanna and Hajós, György and Amaral, Leonard and Molnár, József (2014) Multidrug Resistance Reversing Activity of Newly Developed Phenothiazines on P-glycoprotein (ABCB1)-related Resistance of Mouse T-Lymphoma Cells. Anticancer Research, 34. pp. 1737-1742. ISSN 0250-7005 (print), 1791-7530 (online)

Simons, Sami O. and Kristiansen, Jette E. and Hajós, György and Laan, Tridia van der and Molnár, József and Boeree, Martin J. and Ingen, Jakko van and Christensen, Jørn B. and Viveiros, Miguel and Riedl, Zsuzsanna and Amaral, Leonard and Soolingen, Dick van (2013) Activity of the efflux pump inhibitor SILA 421 against drug-resistant tuberculosis. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 41 (5). pp. 488-489. ISSN 0924-8579

Beitzinger, Christoph and Bronnhuber, Anika and Duscha, Kerstin and Riedl, Zsuzsanna and Hajós, György (2013) Designed Azolopyridinium Salts Block Protective Antigen Pores In Vitro and Protect Cells from Anthrax Toxin. PLOS ONE, 8 (6). ISSN 1932-6203

Takács, Daniella and Egyed, Orsolya and Drahos, László and Szabó, Pál and Jemnitz, Katalin and Szabó, Mónika and Veres, Zsuzsa and Visy, Julia and Molnár, József and Riedl, Zsuzsanna and Hajós, György (2013) Synthesis and pharmacological investigation of new N-hydroxyalkyl-2-aminophenothiazines exhibiting marked MDR inhibitory effect. BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 21 (13). pp. 3760-3779. ISSN 0968-0896

Hajós, György and Gömöry, Ágnes and Horváth, Dániel Vajk and Jakus, Judit and Jemnitz, Katalin and Lejtoviczné Egyed, Orsolya and Lois, Isabella and Mehdi, Hasan and Palkó, Roberta and Pápai, Imre and Riedl, Zsuzsanna and Rokob, Tibor András and Soós, Tibor and Szigeti, Marianna and Takács, Daniella and Váradi, Linda (2013) Új szintézismódszerek kidolgozása és alkalmazása célzott hatásterületen aktív heterociklusos molekulák szintézisére = Elaboration and application of new synthetic methodologies for the synthesis of heterocyclic molecules of aimed biological activity. Project Report. OTKA.

Balog, József and Riedl, Zsuzsanna and Hajós, György (2013) A straightforward synthesis of indazolo[3,2-a]isoquinolin-6-amines. TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, 54 (39). pp. 5338-5340. ISSN 0040-4039

Hajós, György and Csányi, Dorottya and Gróf, Csilla and Messmer, András and Nagy, Ildikó and Riedl, Zsuzsanna and Vaskó, Ágnes Gyöngyvér (2008) Új kondenzált nitrogén-heterociklusok. Szintézis és reakciókészség. = New fused N-heterocycles. Synthesis and reactivity. Project Report. OTKA.

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