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Mészáros, Mária and Porkolab, Gergő and Kiss, Lóránd and Pilbat, Ana Maria and Kóta, Zoltán and Kéri, Albert and Galbács, Gábor and Siklós, László and Tóth, András and Sipos, Áron and Páli, Tibor and Rákhely, Gábor and Deli, Mária Anna and Veszelka, Szilvia (2018) Niosomes decorated with dual ligands targeting brain endothelial transporters increase cargo penetration across the blood-brain barrier. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES, 123. pp. 228-240. ISSN 0928-0987

Paizs, Melinda and Patai, Roland and Engelhardt, József I. and Katarova, Zója and Obál, Izabella and Siklós, László (2017) Axotomy Leads to Reduced Calcium Increase and Earlier Termination of CCL2 Release in Spinal Motoneurons with Upregulated Parvalbumin Followed by Decreased Neighboring Microglial Activation. CNS & NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS-DRUG TARGETS, 16. pp. 356-367. ISSN 1871-5273

Patai, Roland and Nógrádi, Bernát and Meszlényi, Valéria and Obál, Izabella and Engelhardt, József I. and Siklós, László (2017) Az amyotrophiás lateralsclerosis patofiziológiai tényezőinek központi kapcsolóeleme, a kalcium. IDEGGYOGYASZATI SZEMLE / CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE, 70 (7-8). pp. 247-257. ISSN 0019-1442

Patai, Roland and Nógrádi, Bernát and Engelhardt, József István and Siklós, László (2017) Calcium in the pathomechanism of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - Taking center stage? BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, 483 (4). pp. 1031-1039. ISSN 0006-291X

Patai, Roland and Paizs, Melinda and Tortarolo, Massimo and Bendotti, Caterina and Obál, Izabella and Engelhardt, József I. and Siklós, László (2017) Presymptomatically applied AMPA receptor antagonist prevents calcium increase in vulnerable type of motor axon terminals of mice modeling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR BASIS OF DISEASE, 1863. pp. 1739-1748. ISSN 0925-4439

Baka, Judith and Csákvári, Eszter and Huzián, Orsolya and Dobos, Nikoletta and Siklós, László and Hajszán, Tibor (2017) STRESS INDUCES EQUIVALENT REMODELING OF HIPPOCAMPAL SPINE SYNAPSES IN A SIMULATED POSTPARTUM ENVIRONMENT AND IN A FEMALE RAT MODEL OF MAJOR DEPRESSION. NEUROSCIENCE, 343. pp. 384-397. ISSN 0306-4522

Barabási, B. and Csondor, A. and Martin-Pozas, T. and Sanchez, A. M. and Antalffy, Géza and Siklós, László and Párducz, Árpád and Hoyk, Zsófia (2016) Effect of axotomy and 17beta-estradiol on P2X7 receptor expression pattern in the hypoglossal nucleus of ovariectomized mice. NEUROSCIENCE, 319. pp. 107-115. ISSN 0306-4522

Hoyk, Zsófia and Csákvári, Eszter and Gyenes, Andrea and Siklós, László and Harada, N. and Párducz, Árpád (2014) Aromatase and estrogen receptor beta expression in the rat olfactory bulb: neuroestrogen action in the first relay station of the olfactory pathway? ACTA NEUROBIOLOGIAE EXPERIMENTALIS, 74 (1). pp. 1-14. ISSN 0065-1400

Domoki, Ferenc and Bari, Ferenc and Nagy, K. and Siklós, László (2004) Diazoxide prevents mitochondrial swelling and Ca2+ accumulation in CA1 pyramidal cells after cerebral ischemia in newborn pigs. BRAIN RESEARCH, 1019 (1-2). pp. 97-104. ISSN 0006-8993


Siklós, László and Engelhardt, József István and Párdutz, Árpád and Soós, Judit and Vigh, Lóránd (2009) Sejt-autonóm és nem sejt-autonóm tényezők tanulmányozása a motoros idegsejtek degenerációja során = Study of the role of cell-autonomous and non cell-autonomous processes in the degeneration of motor neurons. Project Report. OTKA.

Engelhardt, József István and Jakab, Katalin and Majtényi, Katalin and Obál, Izabella and Raskó, István and Siklós, László and Soós, Judit (2007) Immun tényezők, parvalbumin és PARP aktiváció jelentősége neurodegeneratív kórképekben = The role of immune factors, parvalbumin and activation of PARP, neurodegenerative diseases. Project Report. OTKA.

Párdutz, Árpád and Balog, János Attila and Hoyk, Zsófia and Siklós, László and Varga, Csaba (2007) A nemi hormonok és neuroszteroidok neuroprotektív szerepe: in vivo és in vitro vizsgálatok = Neuroprotective effects of gonadal hormones and neurosteroids: in vivo and in vitro studies. Project Report. OTKA.

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