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Markovits, Tamás and Bauernhuber, Andor and Takács, János (2016) Torsion charachterics of pin to plate LAMP joints. In: 33th International Colloquium of Advanced Manufacturing and repairing, 2016. május 25-27., Zuberec-Brestová, Western Tatras, Slovakia.

Bauernhuber, Andor and Markovits, Tamás and Takács, János (2015) Lézeráteresztő fém-polimer kötés kialakításának vizsgálata. Gépgyártás. ISSN 1587-4648

Weltsch, Zoltán and Fogarassy, Zsolt and Lovas, Antal and Takács, János and Cziráki, Á. and Tichy, Géza (2013) The Contact Angle Between Ag-Based Melts and Graphite Substrate and the Texture Evolution During the Subsequent Solidification. ACTA ELECTROTECHNICA ET INFORMATICA, 13 (1). pp. 41-44. ISSN 1335-8243

Takács, János and Csanády, Andrásné and Gácsi, Zoltán and Herczeg, Szabolcs and Markovits, Tamás and Ozsváth, Péter (2009) Lézerrel színterelt vagy olvasztott gyorsprototípusok tulajdonságfejlesztése = Development of properties of laser sintered or melted rapid prototypes. Project Report. OTKA.

Mandelzweig, Lori and Battler, Alex and Boyko, Valentina and Bueno, Hector and Danchin, Nicolas and Filippatos, Gerasimos and Gitt, Anselm and Hasdai, David and Hasin, Yonathan and Marrugat, Jaume and Werf, Frans, Van de and Wallentin, Lars and Behar, Shlomo and Préda, István and Csoti, Éva and Takács, János and Kovács, Aranka and Bodonovits, István and Kovács Szentes, Ferenc (2006) The second Euro Heart Survey on acute coronary syndromes: characteristics, treatment, and outcome of patients with ACS in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin in 2004. European Heart Journal, 27 (19). pp. 2285-2293. ISSN 0195-668X (print), 1522-9645 (online)

Jost, Norbert and Virág, László and Bitay, Miklós and Takács, János and Lengyel, Csaba Attila and Biliczki, Péter and Nagy, Zsolt and Bogáts, Gábor and Lathrop, David A. and Papp, Gyula and Varró, András (2005) Restricting excessive cardiac action potential and QT prolongation: a vital role for IKs in human ventricular muscle. Circulation, 112 (10). pp. 1392-1399. ISSN 0009-7322 (print), 1524-4539 (online)

Takács, János and Iost, Norbert and Lengyel, Csaba Attila and Virág, László and Nesic, Momir and Varró, András and Papp, Julius Gyula (2003) Multiple cellular electrophysiological effects of azimilide in canine cardiac preparations. European Journal of Pharmacology, 470 (3). pp. 163-170. ISSN 0014-2999

Varró, András and Takács, János and Németh, Miklós and Hála, Ottó and Virág, László and Iost, Norbert and Baláti, Beáta and Ágoston, Márta and Vereckei, András and Pastor, Gilbert and Delbruyère, Martine and Gautier, Patrick and Nisato, Dino and Papp, Julius Gyula (2001) Electrophysiological effects of dronedarone (SR 33589), a noniodinated amiodarone derivative in the canine heart: comparison with amiodarone. British Journal of Pharmacology, 133 (5). pp. 625-634. ISSN 0007-1188

Varró, András and Baláti, Beáta and Iost, Norbert and Takács, János and Virág, László and Lathrop, David A. and Lengyel, Csaba Attila and Tálosi, László and Papp, Julius Gyula (2000) The role of the delayed rectifier component IKs in dog ventricular muscle and Purkinje fibre repolarization. The Journal of Physiology, 523 (1). pp. 67-81. ISSN 0022-3751

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