Cell cycle control by the target of rapamycin signalling pathway in plants

Ahmad, Zaki and Magyar, Zoltán and Bögre, László and Papdi, Csaba (2019) Cell cycle control by the target of rapamycin signalling pathway in plants. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 70 (8). pp. 2275-2284. ISSN 0022-0957 (print); 1460-2431 (online)


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Cells need to ensure a sufficient nutrient and energy supply before committing to proliferate. In response to positive mitogenic signals, such as light, sugar availability, and hormones, the target of rapamycin (TOR) signalling pathway promotes cell growth that connects to the entry and passage through the cell division cycle via multiple signalling mechanisms. Here, we summarize current understanding of cell cycle regulation by the RBR-E2F regulatory hub and the DREAM-like complexes, and highlight possible functional relationships between these regulators and TOR signalling. A genetic screen recently uncovered a downstream signalling component to TOR that regulates cell proliferation, YAK1, a member of the dual specificity tyrosine phosphorylation-regulated kinase (DYRK) family. YAK1 activates the plant-specific SIAMESE-RELATED (SMR) cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors and therefore could be important to regulate both the CDKA-RBR-E2F pathway to control the G1/S transition and the mitotic CDKB1;1 to control the G2/M transition. TOR, as a master regulator of both protein synthesis-driven cell growth and cell proliferation is also central for cell size homeostasis. We conclude the review by briefly highlighting the potential applications of combining TOR and cell cycle knowledge in the context of ensuring future food security.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Cell cycle, DREAM, E2F, protein translation control, retinoblastoma, TOR
Subjects: Q Science / természettudomány > QK Botany / növénytan > QK10 Plant physiology / növényélettan
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Date Deposited: 19 Nov 2019 13:44
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