E2FB interacts with RETINOBLASTOMA RELATED and regulates cell proliferation during leaf development

Őszi, Erika and Papdi, Csaba and Binish, Mohammed and Pettkó-Szandtner, Aladár and Leviczky, Tünde and Molnár, Eszter and Horváth, Beatrix and Bögre, László and Magyar, Zoltán (2019) E2FB interacts with RETINOBLASTOMA RELATED and regulates cell proliferation during leaf development. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY. ISSN 0032-0889 (In Press)


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Cell cycle entry and quiescence are regulated by the E2F transcription factors in association with RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED (RBR). E2FB is considered to be a transcriptional activator of cell cycle genes, but its function during development remains poorly understood. Here, by studying E2FB-RBR interaction, E2F target gene expression, and epidermal cell number and shape in e2fb mutant and overexpression lines during leaf development in Arabidopsis thaliana, we show that E2FB in association with RBR plays a role in the inhibition of cell proliferation to establish quiescence. In young leaves, both RBR and E2FB are abundant and form a repressor complex that is reinforced by an autoregulatory loop. Increased E2FB levels either by expression driven by its own promoter or ectopically together with DIMERISATION PARTNER A, further elevates the amount of this repressor complex, leading to reduced leaf cell number. Cell overproliferation in e2fb mutants and in plants overexpressing a truncated form of E2FB lacking the RBR binding domain strongly suggested that RBR repression specifically acts through E2FB. The increased number of small cells below the guard cells and of fully developed stomata indicated that meristemoids preferentially hyperproliferate. As leaf development progresses and cells differentiate, the amount of RBR and E2FB gradually declined. At this stage, elevation of E2FB level can overcome RBR repression leading to the reactivation of cell division in pavement cells. In summary, E2FB in association with RBR is central to regulating cell proliferation during organ development to determine final leaf cell number.

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