Geopolitics of Rohingya Refugee Crisis and Regional Security

Hossain, A. N. M. Zakir (2022) Geopolitics of Rohingya Refugee Crisis and Regional Security. International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, 12 (2). pp. 167-177. ISSN 2041-9031


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Millions of Rohingya were forced to flee their home and became effectively stateless due to countless violations and vulnerabilities in Myanmar. Their future has become jeopardized with a profusion of uncertainties; however, like other displaced people, Rohingya also got media attention when disaster and conflicts forced them to flee. This study aims to explore and classify the determinant factors that push the Myanmar government to force the Rohingya to flee. It also explores the indicators that moulded the South and Southeast Asian geopolitics. The research intends to categorize the conditions that triggered the Rohingya crisis, while the regional geopolitics capture Rohingya as a proxy to intensify the regional proximity. The study found that Rohingya seek opportunities for rights while financial and institutional inability bewildering to respond to their needs and increase the proximity of evasive commitments for the next move by the national and regional government. It is also evident that the plight of these people is precarious and vulnerable, where the provision of legal protection is rare. The great powers of this area intentionally avoid the issue and indirectly influence the countries to increase the regional security tension by supporting armament. This issue dramatically influences the domestic and regional politics of South and Southeast Asian countries and redefines their mutual relationships with the great powers. The study provides a glimpse of the polarization and politicization of the Rohingya minority in the regional security and geopolitical context.

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