Real-world wintertime CO, N 2 O, and CO 2 emissions of a central European village

Haszpra, László and Barcza, Zoltán and Ferenczi, Zita and Hollós, Roland and Kern, Anikó (2022) Real-world wintertime CO, N 2 O, and CO 2 emissions of a central European village. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 15 (17). pp. 5019-5031. ISSN 1867-1381

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Abstract. Although small rural settlements are only minor individual sources of greenhouse gases and air pollution, their high overalloccurrence can significantly contribute to the total emissions of a regionor country. Emissions from a rural lifestyle may be remarkably differentthan those of urban and industrialized regions, but nevertheless they havehardly been studied so far. Here, flux measurements at a tall-tower eddycovariance monitoring site and the footprint model FFP are used to determine the real-world wintertime CO, N2O, and CO2 emissions of a small village in western Hungary. The recorded emission densities, dominantly resulting from residential heating, are 3.5,0.043, and 72 µg m−2 s−1 for CO, N2O, and CO2, respectively. While the measured CO and CO2emissions are comparable to those calculated using the assumed energyconsumption and applying the according emission factors, the nitrous oxideemissions exceed the expected value by a magnitude. This may indicate thatthe nitrous oxide emissions are significantly underestimated in the emissioninventories, and modifications in the methodology of emission calculationsare necessary. Using a three-dimensional forward transport model, we furthershow that, in contrast to the flux measurements, the concentrationmeasurements at the regional background monitoring site are onlyinsignificantly influenced by the emissions of the nearby village.

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