Structural features in the Miocene sediments of the Pécs-Danitzpuszta sand pit (SW Hungary)

Sebe, Krisztina (2021) Structural features in the Miocene sediments of the Pécs-Danitzpuszta sand pit (SW Hungary). FÖLDTANI KÖZLÖNY, 151 (4). pp. 411-422. ISSN 0015-542X


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The Pécs-Danitzpuszta sand pit in southern Hungary exposes middle and upper Miocene (Badenian to Pannonian/Langhian to Tortonian) sediments along the mountain front fault zone of the Mecsek Mts and preserves an essential record of tectonic events during and after the early late Miocene, which are not exposed elsewhere in the region. In this paper we present structural observations recorded over 20 years of work, date the deformation events with mollusk biostratigraphy and make inferences on the structural evolution of the area. At the beginning of the time interval between 10.2–10.0 Ma, NNW–SSE (to NW–SE) extension created normal faults and negative flower structures. These show that extension-related fault activity lasted here up to the late Miocene. Shortly thereafter, still in the early part of the time interval between 10.2–10.0 Ma, N–S to NNW–SSE compression ensued and dominated the area ever since. Deformations under this stress field included reverse faulting in the Pannonian marls and sands, folding of the whole succession, with bedding-plane slip and shearingelated block rotation in the already deposited middle and upper Miocene marl layers and continuously changing bedding dips and southward thickening layers in the Pannonian sands. Lake level changes of Lake Pannon must have played a role in the formation of an angular unconformity within the sands besides compression. The compressional event can be explained by the Africa (Adria) – Europe convergence, but cannot be correlated regionally; it pre-dates basin inversion-related events reported from the region so far.

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