The heterogenic chemical sensitivity of the central neurones of Lymnaea stagnalis L.

Kiss, István and Salánki, János (1971) The heterogenic chemical sensitivity of the central neurones of Lymnaea stagnalis L. A Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Tihanyi Biológiai Kutatóintézetének évkönyve, 38. pp. 39-52. ISSN 0365-3005


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The chemical sensitivity of some identified giant neurones located in the CNS of Lymnaea stagnalis was examined. Membrane and action potentials were recorded by means of intracelhilar microelectrodes. The ACh, 5-HT, dopamine and noradrenaline were added to the vicinity of the surface of gangba from a capillar. On the basis of the type of the effects of investigated drugs the neurones were classified into pharmacological categories. On the basis of the effect of ACh D and H cells were distinguished, however, there were unclassifiable neurones in these two groups. CILDA and DInhi cells were also found, which could be inhibited by dopamine. It was demonstrated, that in the case of some neurones the effect of ACh had a relationship with the actual membrane potential level. The cells showed a great heterogeneity with relation to their chemical sensitivity. Furthermore, it was found that beside some analogy the effect of the investigated drugs markedly differs from that observed on other molluscs. It is suggested, that ACh and 5-HT have the most important function, as chemical mediator substances on Lymneaa stagnalis.

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