Electrocardiograms in Insecta and Gastropoda and their changes under experimental conditions

S.-Rózsa, Katalin and Véró, Mihály (1971) Electrocardiograms in Insecta and Gastropoda and their changes under experimental conditions. A Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Tihanyi Biológiai Kutatóintézetének évkönyve, 38. pp. 79-86. ISSN 0365-3005


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Electrocardiograms (ECG) were investigated using suction electrodes in Helix pomatia L. (Gastropoda) and Locusta migratoria migratorioides R. F. (Insecta). It was stated that by bipolar registration the amplitude of the ECG was nearly identical in the two species) Helix: 18±1.92; Locusta: 18±2.44 mVp-p). The fast waves were also similar and it was registered in unipolar or bipolar form depending on the mode of the leading off. The fast waves were followed by a slow one, the latter being variable even under control conditions. The duration of the ECG was 120-250 msec on the Helix and 100—180 msec on the Locusta heart. The frequency of the ECG was 24-48 cycle/min on the Helix and 24—42 cycle/min on the Locusta heart. Under control conditions the ECG of both species was rather stabile and it was maintained in an unaltered form for as long as 8-10 hours. Under the influence of 5HT the frequency of the ECG increased and the amplitude decreased. In the Ca⁺⁺-deprivation often an initial increase of the frequency and decrease of the amplitude was eliminated and the heart stopped. In Ca⁺⁺-excess a slight increase in the frequency and amplitude was observed. The similar nature of the ECG registered from the two species showed that the shape of the ECG cannot be taken as a criterion for the classification of the heart in different animal phyla what would refer to the origin of the rhythm. The oscillatory electrical activity known as a component of Insect ECG is supposed to be of extracardial origin.

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