A nemi érés és a csontfejlettség közötti kapcsolat vizsgálata 10-16 éves magyar gyermekekben

Targubáné Rendes, Katalin (2014) A nemi érés és a csontfejlettség közötti kapcsolat vizsgálata 10-16 éves magyar gyermekekben. ANTHROPOLOGIAI KÖZLEMÉNYEK, 55. pp. 89-98. ISSN 0003-5440


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A Transdanubian urban sample (370 boys and 628 girls), measurements were taken from 1997. Besides the 25 anthropometric dimensions the status of sexual maturation was assessed by the secondary sexual characteris tics. The ultrasonic osteodensit ometr y is an appropri a t e tool for measuring the weight of os calcaneus , the total mass of bones and the structure of the bones . The m ain purposes of the study were (1) to examine the relationship between the markers of bone structure and ant h ropometric indices of bone development by body development and sexual matura t ion in 11 – 16 aged children; (2) and to construct the regression equati ons between markers of bone structure and indices of bone development to help the screening work of bone structure abnormalities without an osteodens ito metric device in children aged between 11‒16 ye a r s. Accordingly, (3) to crea t e a new bone age estimation on the basis of ant h ropometric indices of bone development. And (4) to construct the age - dependent centile distibution for the studied markers of bone structure. It co uld be stated that the r e l a tionship between b roadband ultrasound attenuation ( BUA ) and the anthrop o metric indices (expressed in the % of body mass) of bone development were in significant correlation. The centile distributions of BUA, s peed of s ound ( SOS ) , s tiffness index (SI) were constructed to enlarge the national database on markers of bone structure in the studied age interval. A new method for BUA estimation was created by using these relative dimensions of bone development for children having differe nt sexual maturation status, nutritional status or physical activity. In this way, by estim a ting the BUA parameter of a child’s bone development and by comparing the estim a ted BUA value to the reference centile dis t ribution, the bone structure of the studi ed child can be estimated without the ultrasound osteodens it ometer device.

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