Melt‐Blown and Electrospun Drug‐Loaded Polymer Fiber Mats for Dissolution Enhancement: A Comparative Study

Balogh, Attila and Farkas, B. and Faragó, K. and Farkas, Attila and Wagner, István and Nagy, Zsombor Kristóf and Marosi, György (2015) Melt‐Blown and Electrospun Drug‐Loaded Polymer Fiber Mats for Dissolution Enhancement: A Comparative Study. JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES, 104 (5). pp. 1767-1776. ISSN 0022-3549


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Melt blowing (MB) was investigated to prepare a fast dissolving fibrous drug-loaded solid dispersion and compared with solvent-based electrospinning (SES) and melt electrospinning (MES). As a conventional solvent-free technique coupled with melt extrusion and using a high-speed gas stream, MB can provide high-quality micro- and nanofibers at industrial throughput levels. Carvedilol, a weak-base model drug with poor water solubility, was processed using a common composition optimized for the fiber spinning and blowing methods based on a hydrophilic vinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate copolymer (PVPVA64) and PEG 3000 plasticizer. Scanning electron microscopy combined with fiber diameter analysis showed diameter distributions characteristic to each prepared fibrous fabrics (the mean value increased toward SES<MB<MES). Differential scanning calorimetry and X-ray diffraction studies revealed that the incorporated drug was in amorphous form regardless the preparation method. The HPLC studies demonstrated that all of the materials produced by the different techniques passed the regulatory purity requirements. The fibers exhibited ultrafast drug release tested under neutral pH conditions; the melt-blown sample dissolved within 2 min owing to its large specific surface area. The presented results confirm the applicability of MB as a novel formulation technique for polymer-based drug delivery systems.

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