Od kupovine knjiga do kupovine pisaca: Braća Zrinski u međunarodnoj propagandi (1663.–1666.)

Bene, Sándor (2007) Od kupovine knjiga do kupovine pisaca: Braća Zrinski u međunarodnoj propagandi (1663.–1666.). In: 400. obljetnica Nacionalne i sveučilišne knjižnice u Zagrebu. Zbornik radova sa znanstveno-stručnog skupa, Zagreb, 9.–11. svibnja 2007. Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica, Zagreb, pp. 39-50. ISBN ISBN 978-953-500-061-7


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From Buying books to buying writers: Political propaganda of the Zrinyi brothers (1663–1666) Considering the political theory material in it, the library of Nikola Zrinski, today part of the National and University Library in Zagreb, is among the most important and most modern libraries in that discipline in the central Europe of the time. According to the testimony of his own library, Zrinski kept particularly attentive track of a Venetian free-thinking circle called the Accademia degli Incogniti. Here there were intellectuals of an anti-Spanish and pro-French political orientation, who argued for religious tolerance as part of the raison d’état philosophy, who in the 1650s and 1660s were scattered all over Europe, quite often taking service with opposing sides, making use of their literary education as pamphleteers and court historians. At the peak of his political career, during the time of the war against the Ottomans, in 1663-1664, went on with his universally known broad propaganda activities. He organised a real modern campaign to achieve a general escalation of the war to end with a final victory over the Ottomans (which was continued after his demise by Petar Zrinski). The paper attempts to show, with the help of several examples, that the Accademia degli Incogniti, a literary circle that had an important role in the earlier intellectual questing of Nikola, was one of the most important bases of the political propaganda of the Zrinskis.

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